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29 days ago
Olga was a great guide, really smart and engaged. As well as showing us some great creative spaces around the city, along the way we had a very interesting conversations about life today in the city.
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
29 days ago
The guide was very nice. He even recomended and walk with us till a bar zone. And the view from the rooftop was incredible. I totally recomended!
Excursion to a safe high-altitude roof
Mohammed A.
10 months ago
Great tour our guide even add 1 hour more for the time we lost at the gate because of the palace security and to show us more
Bus tour to Pushkin (Catherine Palace)
Mohammed A.
10 months ago
Very good excellent guide he knew a lot of information give us enough time to see and take pictures when was possible
Bus tour to Peterhof
10 months ago
Eduard and Evgeniya were amazing tour guides, they showed St Petersburg and Hermitage with so much energy and enthusiasm. Both of them are very knowledgeable tour guides with excellent customer service and an awesome passion for the city.
Private guide in St. Petersburg
10 months ago
Its a good way to have another view of the city, the way you can see the roofs of some lf the principals cathedrals in San Petersburgs and also the history that took place in the city since it was created.
City Center Roof Top View
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