Russian language tour
Russian language tour
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During this walk you will be able to learn several basic Russian words and expressions...

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During this walk you will be able to learn several basic Russian words and expressions.

If you wish, I can also include these parts:
— A very short public transport survival guide (it may be useful if you are staying more than a couple of days and will need to go anywhere by yourself — main problem with public transport is that most passengers and staff don't speak English and all the signs are in Cyrillic);
— Quick and easy Cyrillic reading course (we can make it over coffee; you may need it because all street sings are also in Cyrillic);
— Practical language tasks in the city (I'll show you how to buy coffee from cafe or goods from small shops and you can practice Russian communication in the safe environment — I'll be there to help you in case of difficulties:)));
— Short history of Russian language and Cyrillic script.

If you want to buy some specific goods (souvenirs, food, etc.) you can email me in advance so that I'll change the place of the tour. I'll teach you how to do all the communications in Russian :)

Please note that the lesson takes place in a cafe, so you'll need to pay for your drink (it is not included in the price of the tour).

Regular ticket 1100 ₽ per person
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You can book tour up to 168 hours in advance.
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Metro Vasileostrovskaya

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1 hour
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Russian language tour - customer reviews

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January, 21 2016

My friend had great experience with the guide! It was lots of fun for and and bright memories from that day!! Thank you!

Louis E., Switzerland

November, 27 2013

Balschoje spassibo for teaching us a little bit Russian)! It was a very nice hour we could spend with you)! We also remember what you teached us (not all, maybe we need some more lessons))))!!! Praschtschjaj! Schteschissliwa! Louis, Udo and Patrick

Rob P., Melbourne, Australia

October, 2 2012


Thank you so much for coaching us beginners in the Cyrillic alphabet and the pronunciation of your beautiful language.It made quite a difference as we negotiated our way around St Petersburg in the following days. You are such a great teacher. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get a bit more from their visit to this historic city

Rob, Kaye, Peter and Ange
Melbourne, Australia

Rita R., Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation

August, 5 2012

Olga is very wonderful Russian teacher! She is very kind and patience and tell me how to pronounce the viberate tone even send me a email to teach me. You know , viberate tone is very hard for Chinese people! Olga try to teach Russian in a real scenarios and help you order something in Russian by yourself in a cafe.

It is a very interesting and useful tour and lesson. It deserve to join~

Thanks! Olga

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