Places of power in Karelia: Kizhi and Vottovaara

Mini group
2 days, 1 night
Group size up to 5 persons
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
You can get the full amount back when paying online
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Totemic places of Karelia Kizhi and Vottovaar in the format of a two-day tour.
We will cross Lake Onega by speedboat and admire the unique beauty of the Preobrazhensky Temple in Kizhi.On the second day we will take you to the most mystical place in Karelia — Mount Vottovaara. You will see how the ancient saami seidas and traces of visits to Karelia by extraterrestrial civilizations coexist.The mountain is saturated with the energy of ancient peoples and unexplained visits of a different, non-human intelligence.

in a mini-group
Small group
There will be a maximum of 10 members in the group with you
More benefit
It will cost less than an individual one, but will pass in the same comfort
Guide near
In a small group, you will get more attention from the guide
16000 ₽
per person
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
No prepayment is required, pay directly to guide
Online Booking
Place of hotel
Туристическая база
Туристическая база в деревне Гимолы. Номера снабжены электричеством, санузлом и душем с горячей водой.
What is included in activity

Transport to the objects
Accommodation for 1 night
Food for 1 day: lunch and dinner. Day 2: breakfast and lunch
Guide services on Mount Vottovaara and along the route

What is not included

Tickets for Kizhi (from 600 to 1600 rubles, depending on the number of objects visited)

Directions to meet your guide

Gagarin Square, 3

What places will you see

Kizhi churchyard, Vottovaara Mountain, Girvas volcano.

Activity schedule

Wednesday at 8:00

Booking and payment
How to book
You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.
16000 ₽
per person
16000 ₽
per person
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
No prepayment is required, pay directly to guide
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