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Vulcanarium Museum
You will visit the Volcanarium Museum where you will learn about the specifics of Kamchatka volcanoes, vegetation and much more, and there will also be a tasting of volcanic berry jam
1200 ₽
per person
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Sightseeing excursion Pacific Coast - Khalaktyrskiy beach
Khalaktyrskiy beach is a coast of the Pacific Ocean with a coastal strip of about 30 km. Black sand, huge waves, sea breeze, rocks, berries and thickets of cedar. Kamchatka sand is of volcanic origin, therefore it has a color from dark gray to black...
3500 ₽
per person
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Mini Dolina (Valley) (Mutnovskaya GES) -Dachnyye hot springs
You will visit the Mutnovskaya HPP (Mini valley of Geysers or Dachnue springs), you will see how fumaroles (sulfur dioxide outlets) beat. Visit the observation deck of the Vilyuchinsky pass and relax in the hot springs in the open air.
8500 ₽
per person
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Gorelyy volcano climbing
You will ascend the Gorely volcano, inside of which there is an acid lake, fumaroles (sulfur dioxide outlets) beat at the bottom and along the walls of the crater. Visit the observation deck of the Vilyuchinsky pass and relax in the wild hot springs.
10000 ₽
per person
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Avachinskiy pass, Verblyud (Camel) Mountain
Visit the foot of the Avacha volcano, enjoy the view of the majestic Koryak volcano, climb Mount Camel. The mountain got its name due to its unusual shape, which from a distance resembles a huge stone animal. Get acquainted with the local residents - Evrazhki, small Kamchatka gophers.
6000 ₽
per person
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Sightseeing excursion Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy,Khalaktyrskiy beach
Our route will begin from the historical part of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. We will visit the famous hill of love among locals - "Nikolskaya Sopka". We will see the place of hostilities when the attack of the French troops was reflected...
5000 ₽
per person
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