Refund policy

Refund Policy

It happens that the ordered tour for some reason has to be canceled. Please read our cancellation and refund policies carefully - this is important!

  1. If you cancel. If the tour is canceled 48 hours or more before its start, we will refund 100% of the amount of the prepayment. The exceptions are entrance tickets and transfers. If the cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before the start, the prepayment amount is not refundable. How to notify about cancellation? Just write a personal message to the guide on the site that you want to cancel the tour, or click "cancel order" in your personal account. In the event that the date of the order was changed at the request of the client, and later the order was canceled by the client himself, the return conditions will apply with respect to the last agreed date.
  2. In case of cancellation of an excursion, master class or other event booked on the Platform due to an initiative of regulator connected with COVID-19, undertakes to provide an equivalent replacement at a convenient time for the Traveler or return 100% of the money spent to the Traveler within 14 working days from the date of the canceled tour.
  3. If the guide cancels. In all cases, when the tour is canceled by the guide, we guarantee a refund of 100% of the amount of the prepayment. If the tour is canceled by the guide, he will also contact you through your personal account.
  4. Cancellation of museum ticket or transfer. Tickets to museums, viewing platforms, shows and some types of transfers (check with managers) cannot be canceled or rescheduled to another date. Refund of 0% of the prepayment made.
  5. Cancellation of the rooftop tour. If the tour/date/photo session on the roof was canceled by the organizer due to weather conditions (rain, snow, thunderstorm, hail, etc.), and you could not go on the tour on another day or did not agree to replace it with a similar tour, we guarantee you get a 100% refund of the amount paid online.
  6. If you don't like the tour guide. Write to us, explain the situation - we will definitely understand the essence of what happened and, as a result, make a decision on the return as soon as possible.
  7. Changing the date of the tour. If for any reason it becomes necessary to change the date of the tour after the payment is made, it is necessary to coordinate this with the guide through personal messages or a phone call. Written confirmation of the date change is required. There are no additional fees for this.

The cancellation conditions are preserved: that is, if in the end the date is not agreed upon due to the fault of the guide or tourist, then the return conditions described in the rules above will be saved.

Conditions for making returns.

All returns are processed within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the request.

The return is carried out according to the rules described above and is automatically processed if the status of your order is canceled (and it will not be visible in your account).

In case of payment for the order in cash through the Euroset, Svyaznoy communication stores, as well as in case of a partial refund when paying through the Sberbank Online Internet bank, the refund will be made to the bank account of a resident of the Russian Federation within 14 days from the moment the client provides bank details.

There may also be other cases in which it is necessary to provide the client with bank details.

If for some reason your order was not canceled on the site, but the tour did not take place, please write to us by filling out the appropriate form. Appeals through the form are considered within 14 days (we always try to make it faster).

You will be notified after the return has been processed. The further term for the receipt of money in your account after the return is processed depends on your bank. If you have not received the money within 14 days after making the return, be sure to write to us.

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