Tour at Sputnik: "A" to "Z" guide 

1. Who can register the tour on the website?

Anyone! is a marketplace: if you know something unique about your city and want to share your experience with travelers - create, list and sell  your city tour, master-class or other urban adventure!

You don’t have to be a professional guide; being passionate about your city and willing to meet new people - that’s what really matters.

Share youк city story and earn with us!

2. How to list my tour on the website?
Registering and adding a tour.

2.1. Register using the form on the website or your Facebook or VK accounts.

2.2. To list the tour use tour-form. You can access it through the drop-down menu next to your photo on the top-panel of the web-site or by clicking “FOR GUIDES” on the same panel.

If you’re an experienced tour-guide...

Most likely, you already have tour routes and descriptions at your hand, so just fill in all the fields of the tour-form. Hold off from writing an epic novel in the description (here’re some tips for doing it right), but make sure to intrigue your future customer.

F ill in the form for each tour you’d like to add.

If you’re not a professional tour-guide...

Then just follow our tips and create your first tour! 

Come up with an original idea. These are the questions that can help you shape your concept. What do you want to tell, help to discover, explain or teach travelers? Where? Why would people want to go with it? How are you and your tour special?

When you figure out the answers, press “Add a tour” in the drop-down menu next to your photo and start filling in the tour-form.

Make sure that the title of your future tour is catchy and googlable,  and a picture - is nice and fun!


After you submit your tour, moderation process begins. We check your tour to make sure that the content is good, your little description is pleasant to read, and there are no violations of our rules and empty fields in the tour-form.

If everything is fine, and our Moderator doesn’t have any comments, you’ll get a letter that your tour is checked and it’s time for a test or an interview with the member of our team.  

If Moderator had made some corrections, you’d get a letter titled “Moderator’s remark”.  If you receive it, just correct the fields that Moderator pointed out and submit your tour again. If everything is fine, the tour will be marked “good for test or interview” and you get a notification letter.

4. First tour.

After your tour is marked as “good for test or an interview”, we’ll contact you to arrange your first tour or an informal talk.  

If it’s a tour...

Note, that your first tour with Sputnik is free: it’s a training where you can test how comfortable you are around real audience, what challenges to expect and how to answer unpredictable tourists‘ questions. Just pick a suitable date and prepare for the tour - we’ll gather your audience. Having a test-tour is a good opportunity to get people to leave reviews (which allow you to promote your page within the website).

If it’s an interview...

We’ll talk about you, your tour, and your expectations from participation in the project (it’s not scary). Remember, we can ask you a couple of questions that relate to the topic of your tour.  

After the test tour or interview we’ll provide some useful tips and publish your tour on the website. We value flexibility, so you can adjust nearly everything - price and length of your tour, number of participants, dates and time to get a kick out of your guiding experience!

Please, note! We might ask you to conduct another test tour if we have some doubts regarding your performance.

Popular excursions in в Москве
Обзорная автобусная экскурсия по Москве (3 часа)
В Москве дух истории ощущается почти физически, ведь здесь практически на каждом углу происходили удивительные и значимые для нашей страны события...
700 ₽
per person
2652 reviews
More details
Обзорная экскурсия по Москве на автобусе (4 часа)
Этот экскурсионный маршрут можно отнести к классическим — он поможет посетившим в первый раз столицу ознакомиться с основными достопримечательностями города, а тем, кто уже знаком с Москвой, собрать образ в единое целое. Целью экскурсии можно назвать знакомство с Москвой...
from 900 ₽
per person
1123 reviews
More details
Сокровища Кремля: Оружейная палата и Алмазный фонд
Что мы увидим и посетим: В этой экскурсии мы совместим все самое главное в районе Красной Площади. Посетим 2 главных столичных музея — Алмазный фонд и Оружейную палату. Алмазный фонд Московского Кремля — государственная ювелирная сокровищница и самый труднодоступный музей России...
from 3000 ₽
per person
369 reviews
More details
Moscow roof top tour. Access to the roof.
Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm inviting you to explore my city together. Moscow is very beautiful city, but from the height it's much better...
1500 ₽
per person
606 reviews
More details
Бункер Сталина-42: гриф снят
Групповая экскурсия на секретный правительственный объект— Бункер 42. Экскурсия посвящена истории ядерного противостояния двух держав — Советского Союза и Соединенных Штатов...
900 ₽
per person
531 reviews
More details
Обзорная экскурсия на автобусе и теплоходе
Мы увидим: • Московский Кремль; • Казанский собор и храм Василия Блаженного; • Исторический музей; • некро́поль у Кремлёвской стены; • мавзолей В.И. Ленина; • памятник Минину и Пожарскому...
1700 ₽
per person
Guide rating
More details
Алмазный фонд: входной билет с экскурсией
Алмазный фонд Московского Кремля — уникальный, бесценный и, пожалуй, самый труднодоступный музей России...
from 1600 ₽
per person
291 reviews
More details
Вечерняя Москва: обзорная экскурсия на автобусе
Вечерняя МоскваМосква поражает своим великолепием и культурным наследием в любое время суток. Но только вечером, когда специальное освещение обволакивает фасады зданий, расставляя акценты и заставляя богатые фасады сверкать, она по-настоящему обнажает свою красоту...
from 800 ₽
per person
1163 reviews
More details
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