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Мы отправимся на обзорную экскурсию по нетуристическому Нячангу. Я покажу, как выглядит город вне зоны отелей, и как живут местные жители. Мы погрузимся в жизнь другого Вьетнама, где кипит простая жизнь, посмотрим на дома из всякого хлама на берегу реки Кай и на островах. С мной вы увидите пагоду Хай Ан Ту, рядом с которой на горе живёт монах отшельник, и пагоду Лок То, находящуюся в жилых кварталах Нячанга. За экскурсию мы посетим все самые нетуристические места в городе.
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We’ll make a stop here. Watch the diverse houses of locals, listen to our interesting stories, learn about the peculiarities of Vietnamese building. Look at the fishing boats, hanged allover with big lamps. We’ll tell you what are these lamps for.
We’ll drive along to one small island on the Kai river. You’ll find out the differences between the islands. We’ll drive off the beaten tourist path — watch the crooked narrow streets of Nha Trang — You won’t find such in a marketing brochure.
Another point of interest during our tour is the railway bridge. At first sight it’s a usual bridge. Though, we find it rather interesting and call this bridge ‘an example of Vietnamese inventiveness’. You’ll see the river here from the other perspective.
We’ll cross one of the main bridges passing tiny island with a small prayer house on it. You’ll find out its intended purpose. And then, driving by the towers of Po Nagar goddess, we’ll turn to Tu Hai Indian Temple
We’ll climb the stone steps to the top of the hill. There, near the lying Buddha statue, you’ll find a very welcoming viewpoint. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Nha Trang and the river Kai with its islands. Look at the places we’ve just been to. Watch the fishing boats being built in a dockyard.
This pagoda is located near the Big C mall and is really beautiful and impressive. But we’ve included it into our tour not only because of its beauty. To get there we’ll have to drive through authentic Vietnamese living quarters. We’ll simply ‘dive’ into non-touristic Vietnam. That’s the point.
Also we’ll visit another unusual bridge of Nha Trang. This wooden bridge is built every year by local people. Every year ordinary townspeople gather together and build this wooden bridge. They don’t get any support from government or from the party. Every rainy season this bridge is being destroyed, and then once again being rebuilt by tireless locals at their own expense.
Our tour is about to end..
If your hotel is situated in the centre, we’ll drive pass the Long Son Pagoda and the catholic cathedral. These 2 places of interest are usually included in regular sightseeing tours. We can get you there if you want to explore them by yourselves.

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Kai river embankment.
Railway bridge.
Tu Hai Indian Temple.
Lying Buddha.
Loc Tho pagoda.
The wooden bridge.

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