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Excursions in 2014 : Rates and types

Organizing the trip yourself from the begining to end , you need to consider all the details : including leisure . Interesting tours to help you find useful information about the city and not get bored . In 2014, the tour - this is not the usual strict aunt and large buses with microphones . It may be a walk in a small group with a very enthusiastic guide, city tour, which will open it for you from a new angle : children , in bars , or any other literary . One has only to look good on the Internet, and you are sure to find what you're looking .

Search tours

Excursions can be selected and paid for in advance . This does not necessarily go to the office , pay for travel or wait until arriving at the scene . You can buy a tour online . The site you will find many different sightseeing in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and other cities . Start by selecting a topic - what you're wondering . If you have very little time (for example , you've come to the capital for two days ), select the tour of Moscow by bus - a sightseeing tour will give the most important knowledge about the city . If a little more time , pick up walking on their personal interests .

Tours in 2014 - trends of the season

This year the theme of walking tours have become much more diverse - that's good for the public. Indeed, in this case, a person with any interest will find a tour of the soul. Among the topics - literature . Among us are passionate prose and poetry are people who really want to share their knowledge . They conduct tours in verse, twist them with the history and the present. In the list of the best excursions included: walking on the patio and unknown nooks , extreme and gastronomic tours and quests in the city.

The cost of excursions

" How much does this tour cost ? " - You ask . Look at the cost of walking. It depends on three factors : the city , which is held , the number of participants in the group and the author 's personal opinion about the value of their services. On average for a group of three or four people a sightseeing tour of Moscow is from 800 to 1600 rubles . Prices for tours in St. Petersburg in 2014 season is still lower : from 600 to 1200 rubles . , And in Kiev from 240 to 680 rubles.

Types of tours

Sightseeing tours

The most important information about the city can be found on the excursion . Often they are on the bus - it allows you to cover more of the sights , but can be a bit boring and impersonal. Walking tour of the well can give a basic understanding of the city - in fact all the most important thing is usually there. When choosing , ask yourself three questions. How many places you want to cover ? How do you prefer to receive the information : personal or impersonal ? And what of that important to you ?

Bus Tours

In large cities : such as Moscow and St. Petersburg without bus tours can not do if you come to three or four days and want to see all the major sights. The cost of the excursion by bus to St. Petersburg is within 500 rubles, 900 rubles in Moscow , and the duration in both cities is always about the same - three to four hours .

Extreme tours

For thrill experiences there is a section titled " Extreme Tours" . It can find a walk and photo shoot on the roof ( including adapted for girls dating on the roof ), walks through the underground rivers, in abandoned buildings, sports outings. If in any case you have a question about security, you should know that experienced guides will accompany you during the entire tour .


Organization of excursions require special skills from the guide , which is evaluated and its professionalism . First , the guide must live his subject , know her well enough to tell the most important thing in a short period of time. For example, the Moscow architecture for three hours. Agree easy. Secondly , of course, it must be a charming man , able to convey information to interested groups . It is these people we are looking for memorable excursions.

Buy a walking tour

How to buy a tour? Certainly you asked this question . To date, there are three ways to do this . Planning your own excursions and pre-buy online . At the same time in order to find out information about the hike , the route and even meet with a guide, do not need to leave the house. You can book a tour at the travel agencies or private guide . In the first case, you expect a low price , but a large group size (most likely bus) . A second tour price will be much higher. You also need to become familiar with information on different sites of travel agencies and private guides. Maybe make a few calls . It is also possible to solve all in place. Come to town and there to go to the tourist information office or ask the hotel workers , what is there to do. In this case, there is a risk of going on a trip that you would not very interesting - because you did not know exactly what is coming. Of course, we advise to prepare for the trip in advance and choose the most suitable for you. Buy online tour or slightly harder than airfares. Try it and you .
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