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9 h.
CITY ESCAPE: 9 Hours Golden Ring Private Tour
* Enjoy a full-day private tour departing from Moscow to the Golden Ring. We will visit sights including famous Abramtsevo estate, 19th century retreat for Russian writers and painters, the famous Trinity Lavra of St...
22000 ₽ per group
9 h.
Day Trip to Zvenigorod: Discover Russian Countryside
Enjoy a full day private tour (for you only) departing from your Moscow hotel to the ancient town of Zvenigorod We are going to enjoy our day at countryside: will start from your hotel and will visit a few nice churches, museums, classic estates and many more...
24000 ₽ per group
2 reviews
3 h.
Cooking tour in Soviet Dacha with interactive excursion
Would you like to learn the art of home-cooked Russian borsch or pelmeni with your own hands during the visit to the real Soviet Dacha? Within 2 hours you'll be able to create an authentic Russian food and feel the taste of being a dachnik...
7000 ₽ per group
2 h.
Interactive excursion to Soviet Dacha with lunch in Russian style
Would you like to have lunch in the Dacha house of Soviet era in the middle of the old garden? The lunch will includes Russian borsch, home-made snacks like marinated vegetables and kulebyaka, welcome drinks and traditional drinks like kvass or kompot, such Russian dishes as buckwheat porridge o...
7000 ₽ per group
1 review
over 2 years ago
Anton and Julia was the perfect hosts and made the day most enjoyable. They were entertaining and knowledgeable about the places we visited and took us to a little village to meet locals and view the summer houses. Julia is a beautiful lady that makes you feel at home and takes beautiful photos of the day and the experience. We highly recommend going on a trip with them!!
over 5 years ago
Nadya has told a lot of stories about the time that her (grand)parents stayed in this Dacha. The Dacha is in the original state including furniture and clothing's! During our visit, we had a lovely lunch and a Russian tea. The hospitality was great!
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