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Romantic excursions

Экскурсии и билеты

2 h. 30 min.
Royal cruise on Moscow river with live music
Especially for lovers of live music, relaxed atmosphere and author's cuisine. From the pier "Hotel Ukraine" a luxury yacht goes on a voyage along the Moscow River, and its passengers, reclining on sofas, from the metropolitan vanity are transferred to the world of unhurried enjoyment of life.
1867 ₽ per person
16 reviews
Cruise on the Moscow River (from the Gorky Park)
Express excursion: an overview of the sights of the center of Moscow for 1.5 hours on a comfortable motor ship-restaurant of premium class
1789 ₽ per person
71 reviews
1 h.
Moscow roof top tour. Access to the roof.
Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm inviting you to explore my city together. Moscow is very beautiful city, but from the height it's much better...
1290 ₽ per person
412 reviews
Ostankino TV Tower
На смотровой площадке работает множество интерактивных экспозиций, которые расскажут много интересного и без экскурсовода.
от 1200 ₽ per person
40 reviews
Ostankino TV Tower
Вся Москва с высоты 337 метров. Входной билет на легендарную телебашню без очередей, траты сил и времени.
от 900 ₽ per person
522 reviews
2 h. 30 min.
Luxury cruise on the board of the famous fish-restaurant yacht
Branch of the popular fish restaurant "Erwin.RecaMoreOcean", located directly on board the luxury yacht-icebreaker, which daily cruises the Moscow River regardless of the season and the weather.
1954 ₽ per person
86 reviews
3 months ago
It was an interesting and unconventional way to view Moscow city. It was thrilling climbing through things to get to the roof but once you are there, It’s very peaceful. Better for smaller groups or 2 or 3 as Andrew doesn’t use a mic and its hard to hear him most of the times. Still recommended!
over 1 year ago
Amazing experience!! Andrew is a great guy with loads of knowledge about Moscow and Stalin buildings. And comfortable answering all questions. The tour was great, and a big thank you to Andrew! The roof top tour was fascinating with a bit of secretiveness. I would definitely contact him the next time I am in Moscow. For the tour I would suggest you bring along a couple of anti-bacterial wet wipes with you, I am not revealing why, but don't worry if you don't bring them, don't worry. Jus...
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