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Moskva-reka - progulki na teplohode

Экскурсии и билеты

2 h. 30 min.
Royal cruise on Moscow river with live music
Especially for lovers of live music, relaxed atmosphere and author's cuisine. From the pier "Hotel Ukraine" a luxury yacht goes on a voyage along the Moscow River, and its passengers, reclining on sofas, from the metropolitan vanity are transferred to the world of unhurried enjoyment of life.
1867 ₽ per person
16 reviews
Cruise on the Moscow River (from the Gorky Park)
Express excursion: an overview of the sights of the center of Moscow for 1.5 hours on a comfortable motor ship-restaurant of premium class
1789 ₽ per person
71 reviews
2 h. 30 min.
Luxury cruise on the board of the famous fish-restaurant yacht
Branch of the popular fish restaurant "Erwin.RecaMoreOcean", located directly on board the luxury yacht-icebreaker, which daily cruises the Moscow River regardless of the season and the weather.
1954 ₽ per person
86 reviews
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