Literary tours in Moscow

Экскурсии и билеты
Entrance ticket to the museum named after A. S. Pushkin
750 ₽
per person
5 отзывов

Крупнейший в России музей зарубежного искусства откроется вам без огромных очередей.

Group пешеходная
2 hours
The brightest art cluster in Moscow ("Flacon" and "Khlebzavod")
1500 ₽
per person

Do you want to visit a perfume factory? And at the old bread factory? In Moscow you can do it. This places not factories anymore, now they are modern art clusters with cozy restaurants, bars, graffiti, Russian designers clothes shops and various accessories. There is even a swimming pool.

Отзывы туристов
If you are interested in literature and art, want to visit museums, galleries and fairs in Moscow - will help you!
In a special section of our website we've a variety of excursions that will interest you! If you go on a journey through the Moscow and want to visit the unusual literary tours or museum tour - visit us !
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