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Jeep-tour "Russian way"

Clock 48 hours
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This activity is not available any more. Please try other activities.

2 hours
Individual tour of Moscow
5000 ₽
per group
12 отзывов

Пешеходная экскурсия по Москве с персональным маршрутом на основе ваших предпочтений и личным гидом.

1 hour
Moscow roof top tour. Access to the roof.
1290 ₽
per person
217 отзывов

Профессиональный руфер покажет вам секретные крыши столицы, откуда открываются панорамы на город и его достопримечательности

2 hours
Interactive tour at the real Russian Dacha with locals.
5500 ₽
per group
2 отзыва

A lot of history, nature, homemade Russian food and fun

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Invite the Russian hinterland. Because the road is actually not, go to the "Russian jeep" UAZ (see photo). On-site and on the road to tell about natural farming, eco-village movement in Russia and the world. How not to dig, plow and do not have crops. Development of the site "from scratch." It grows hay, straw! Plants help each other not to get sick. Um technology. Biodynamic farming. How do I use it all. You can put your contribution to the creation ekoposelka. How to build life without modern conveniences — electricity, water, etc. And try to see everything. So I invite the guests. You can spend the night in a tent, in a house on the bed or under a roof. You can even stay a few days. We also invite you to exercise fitness and combat system "Belojar." The ability to recover health through a set of exercises based on the principles of natural movement. Suitable for all, even for pregnant women. And also see a lot of herbs, talk about the secret of manufacturing "Russian tea".
Nearby is the hunting ground, which are bred and released to the will of various rare birds in our area. You can see running around the fields grouse, partridges, quails and even grouse, as well as hawks, kites, owls and many more. You can also see them in pens where they are bred.There is still a big beautiful lake, you can go swimming. And next to an old abandoned chapel, very pretty, though dilapidated.Possible and without lodging option: meet in the morning to train in a jeep, and avert my evening at the station.


Regular ticket 5000 ₽ per person

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Metro Botanical Garden

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48 hours

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