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Tsaritsyno Park Tour

Clock 3 hours
Group пешеходная
  • E-ticket
  • English / Русский язык
  • Pick-up from your hotel, professional guide, admission ticket.
  • Гарантия места
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About the tour on

Admire the historical architecture, plunge into the times of Imperial Russia, enjoy the scenery at the parks. If this is just what inspires you then you must visit the incredibly beautiful park Tsaritsyno, which is located in the southern part of Moscow.

On our tour you will explore:

Who and why was built this great architectural work in pseudo-Gothic style
What includes The collection of the Tsaritsyno Museum
What secrets does the park keep



Tsaritsyno Park Tour
Offer for 1 person 13400 ₽ per person
Offer for 2 persons 7670 ₽ per person
Offer for 3 persons 5700 ₽ per person
Offer for 4 persons 4770 ₽ per person
Offer for 5 persons 4200 ₽ per person
Offer for 6 persons 3800 ₽ per person

What is included in activity

pick-up from your hotel, professional guide, admission ticket.

Activity schedule

Every day, ex. Monday

What places will you see

Grand Palace
Small Palace (Semicircular Palace)
Bread house
The Opera House (Middle Palace)
Gates and bridges
Milovid Pavilion
Pavilion «Nerastankino»
Gazebo «Temple of Ceres»
Earth Pyramid
The Tsaritsyn Mounds
Temple of the Icon of the Mother of God «The Life-giving Spring»

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.

Languages in what activity is performed

English, Russian

Directions to meet your guide

Pick-up from your hotel

How long your tour will be

3 hours

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