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Bolshoi Theater Historical Tour

September, 17 at 09:00
Отмена бесплатно за 72 часа
Можно оплатить наличными в офисе в Петербурге
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2 hours
Бесплатная отмена за 72 часа
English, Русский язык
Большой театр – столица русского балета и оперных постановок. Здесь впервые представлялись мировые шедевры, отсюда выпускались звезды русского балета. В труппе Большого мечтают оказаться все талантливые люди, от юной танцовщицы до взрослого концертмейстера. И если они только желают попасть за кулисы Большого, то мы дарим вам уникальный шанс прикоснуться к занавесу знаменитых театральных помостов гораздо раньше них. Подробнее
September, 17 at 09:00
Отмена бесплатно за 72 часа
Можно оплатить наличными в офисе в Петербурге
Все способы оплаты
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Discover one of the most famous and beautiful theater in the world! It’s impossible to imagine Moscow without the Red Square, the Kremlin and... Bolshoi Theatre! It has become a hallmark of Moscow pretty much like St. Basil’s Cathedral.

On our tour you will explore:

How The famous Russian ballet school has been created within the walls of Bolshoi.
About world-famous Russian ballets and operas like "The Nutcracker", "Swan Lake" or "Eugene Onegin"
About history of Bolshoi Theatre, which was founded almost 250 years ago and was the biggest opera house in Europe at that times

Moscow F.
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Our Phylosophy:

We do love our country and our cities, we pride ourselves to be Russian, and we are excited to share with you our knowlege and passion for our great megalopolises: Moscow, St. Petesburg and Ekaterinburg.
We believe that Travelling has to be culture and lifestyle centered: you should be able to see what makes the city tick.
Whatever we do, we do it professionally. It’s still not common in Russia nowdays, but we do our best to change it.
Travelling is always on buget. We belive people should travel and see the world even if they don’t have pockets full of dollars. This is why we do Free Tours and other tours, which are really cheap.

Bolshoi Theater
Offer for 1 person
18700 ₽
per person
Offer for 2 persons
11200 ₽
per person
Offer for 3 persons
7400 ₽
per person
Offer for 4 persons
3380 ₽
per person
Offer for group of 5-9 persons
4500 ₽
per person
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What is included in activity

entry ticket, professional guide

Activity schedule

Every day

What places will you see

The famous main hall of the Bolshoi Theater, one of the largest theater halls in the world
The Government and the Imperial Pews, where Russian Emperors used to sit (now it is reserved for Mr. President)
Richly decorated Small and Grand Imperial Foyer
Museum of the Bolshoi Theatre

Activity book period
You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed
English, Russian
Directions to meet your guide

Pick-up from your hotel

How long your tour will be
2 hours
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September, 17 at 09:00
Отмена бесплатно за 72 часа
Можно оплатить наличными в офисе в Петербурге
Все способы оплаты
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