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Moscow Heart with the Virtual Flight over the main sights

  • E-ticket
  • English
  • City center tour, guide, traditional Russian icecream, virtual flight over Moscow
  • Гарантия места
  • Можно оплатить банковской картой на сайте или наличными в Евросети или Связном

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During our walking trip around Kremlin Walls and at the Red Square and Alexander Garden you will discover the main city center historical places. You will find out why Moscow is considered to be the third Rome, you will learn about the main historical events happened in Russia since the foundation of Moscow until present time. We will visit the main witness of the most important events — the Red Square, Alexander Garden which was built in honor of the Victory over Napoleon, we will watch the change of the Presidential guards near the Eternal Flame — the commeroration to the people died in the Second World War. We will see the Masouleum of Lenin and necropolis of the most outstanding people of Russia, we will visit the main historical Department Store at the Red Square where traditional ice cream can still be bought. We will surely see the main Spasskaya Tower with the famous clock on it and of course St. Basil Cathedral — the symbol of Moscow.
At the end of the tour we will reach the Zaryadye park with the panoramic bridge and visit the virtual attration called Flight over Moscow — you will get a fantastic and unforgettable 10 minutes flight over all Moscow sights! Be sure you will be excited and intrigued by Moscow glory! Join us!



Tour with Virtual Flight ticket
Offer for group of 1-2 persons 4000 ₽ per group
Offer for group of 2-3 persons 4500 ₽ per group
Offer for group of 3-4 persons 5500 ₽ per group
Offer for group of 4-5 persons 6500 ₽ per group

What is included in activity

City center tour, guide, traditional Russian icecream, virtual flight over Moscow

Activity schedule

daily at 15:00, 11:00

What places will you see

Alexander Garden, Grotto, Eternal Flame, Kremlin walls and Towers, Red Square, Masouleum, GUM, historical museum, Spasskaya Tower, St. Basil Cathedral, parc Zaryadie, panoramic bridge, Stalin spires, Moscow River embankment.

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.

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Directions to meet your guide

Upon individual agreement

How long your tour will be

2 hours

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