Interactive tour with tea ceremony at the real Russian Dacha

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  • English
  • A lot of history, nature, homemade Russian food and fun
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Would you like to have tea in the Dacha house of Soviet era in the middle of the old garden?
The tour will includes Russian homemade snacks, welcome vodka and traditional drinks before interactive tour around Dacha and tea from samovar after that .
You will get acquainted with the history of dachas 50 years ago and see real russian life in present. The atmosphere of Soviet period is recreated In the Dacha house. Every family in Soviet Moscow had same things, clothes and furniture. This is a unique opportunity to visit the Muscovite's country house of 50s Soviet period.
My guests will taste Russian herbal tea (Ivan-tea) from the samovar on the wood with homemade pies and jams.
I will pick up group of 1-4 persons at the subway station "Buninskaya alleya" and drive you to the Dacha for 15 minutes. After the excursion you will be driven back to the subway station "Buninskaya alleya". Or you can get the Dacha yourself by taxi if your group is more then 4persons.
The Standard tour with tea ceremony includes:
transfer (1 — 4 persons), homemade snacks, interactive excursion at real Russian Dacha (1 — 12 persons), history of Russian dachas, tea with samovar.
You will find a lot of interesting stories about life in Russia, interactive with the things of the Soviet period and a lot of fun.
It takes about 1,5 hourse.
We have discounts for children and families.
IMPORTENT! The price depends on number of persons in the group.
The date and starting time of the tour need to be confirmed at least 72hours in advance, please, contact me before booking.
Group — — Standart tour + Russian tea with samovar
1person — — — --5500Rur + 10000Rur
2persons — — — 6000Rur + 1000Rur
3persons — — -— 6500Rur + 1500Rur
4persons —- — — - — 7000Rur + 1500Rur
Ask me for prices for other groups



Regular ticket
Offer for 1 person 6000 ₽ per group
Offer for 2 persons 6500 ₽ per group
Offer for 3 persons 7000 ₽ per group
Offer for 4 persons 7500 ₽ per group

What is included in activity

A lot of history, nature, homemade Russian food and fun

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 144 hours in advance.

Languages in what activity is performed


Directions to meet your guide

Metro station Buninskaya alleya

How long your tour will be

2 hours

If you have questions, please fill the form below
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Reviews of other tours by Nadya


Blini Reizen is a Dutch touroperator who offers trips to the former Soviet-Union. We always advise our clients to book excursions with a local guide: to view the country and it's people with different eyes and also to get information they otherwise wouldn't get to know (easy). Two of our travellers found the "Be a guest at a real muscovite's dacha!"-tour at this website and decided to book it through our agency. They liked it very much, I quote: "Our excursion to the Dasha Nadya was fun and educational. We were warmly welcomed and even got a nice souvenir to take home!".
As an employee of Blini Reizen I arranged this tour for our clients and found Nadya very pleasant to work with: she is accurate, flexible, cooperative, interested and always trying to be helpful (e.g. finding out the best way to reach the meeting point from the hotel of clients, etc.). I would surely recommend this tour!

almost 5 years ago

Default medium

Nadya has told a lot of stories about the time that her (grand)parents stayed in this Dacha. The Dacha is in the original state including furniture and clothing's!
During our visit, we had a lovely lunch and a Russian tea.
The hospitality was great!

almost 5 years ago

Olga K.

My friends from Brazil told me about this trip. They took the risk and bought a private tour to this Dacha house. They ordered a complete package-tour with lunch and tea from a samovar. Everything was delicious and different from the food in the Russian restaurant. The hostess speaks English fairly well, not really good, but with enthusiasm. I think, there is the only one museum of Dacha life in the world, I haven't seen anything like this museum. This is a private area, a normal dacha house, turned into a museum by the family of Muscovites. The museum contains furniture, old things and different subjects, clothes, appliances, dishes and many other items. Consider myself very lucky that I can visit to this Dacha. It is really intersting and unusual place, but only for foreigners. I spent a few hours at the Dacha with my friends, we made friends with the hostess.
And I recommend to all foreigners who are interested in life of Russia and its Soviet past to visit this unusual place.
I wish good luck to Nadya and her Dacha project.

over 5 years ago

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