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Interactive tour with tea ceremony at the real Russian Dacha

August, 25 at 18:00
Отмена бесплатно за 72 часа
Можно оплатить наличными в офисе в Петербурге
Все способы оплаты
2 hours
Бесплатная отмена за 72 часа
August, 25 at 18:00
Отмена бесплатно за 72 часа
Можно оплатить наличными в офисе в Петербурге
Все способы оплаты
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Would you like to have tea in the Dacha house of Soviet era in the middle of the old garden?
The tour will includes Russian homemade snacks, welcome vodka and traditional drinks before interactive tour around Dacha and tea from samovar after that .
You will get acquainted with the history of dachas 50 years ago and see real russian life in present. The atmosphere of Soviet period is recreated In the Dacha house. Every family in Soviet Moscow had same things, clothes and furniture. This is a unique opportunity to visit the Muscovite's country house of 50s Soviet period.
My guests will taste Russian herbal tea (Ivan-tea) from the samovar on the wood with homemade pies and jams.
I will pick up group of 1-4 persons at the subway station "Buninskaya alleya" and drive you to the Dacha for 15 minutes. After the excursion you will be driven back to the subway station "Buninskaya alleya". Or you can get the Dacha yourself by taxi if your group is more then 4persons.
The Standard tour with tea ceremony includes:
transfer (1 — 4 persons), homemade snacks, interactive excursion at real Russian Dacha (1 — 12 persons), history of Russian dachas, tea with samovar.
You will find a lot of interesting stories about life in Russia, interactive with the things of the Soviet period and a lot of fun.
It takes about 1,5 hourse.
We have discounts for children and families.
IMPORTENT! The price depends on number of persons in the group.
The date and starting time of the tour need to be confirmed at least 72hours in advance, please, contact me before booking.
Group — — Standart tour + Russian tea with samovar
1person — — — --5500Rur + 10000Rur
2persons — — — 6000Rur + 1000Rur
3persons — — -— 6500Rur + 1500Rur
4persons —- — — - — 7000Rur + 1500Rur
Ask me for prices for other groups

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Nadya – ваш частный гид по Moscow

Regular ticket
Offer for 1 person
6000 ₽
per group
Offer for 2 persons
6500 ₽
per group
Offer for 3 persons
7000 ₽
per group
Offer for 4 persons
7500 ₽
per group
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What is included in activity

A lot of history, nature, homemade Russian food and fun

Activity book period
You can book tour up to 144 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed
Directions to meet your guide

Metro station Buninskaya alleya

How long your tour will be
2 hours
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August, 25 at 18:00
Отмена бесплатно за 72 часа
Можно оплатить наличными в офисе в Петербурге
Все способы оплаты
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