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Golden Ring and Trinity Lavra Private Day Trip from Moscow

Clock 9 hours
Private на автомобиле
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  • E-ticket
  • English
  • * private car tour with a guide a lot of walking included
  • * kvas tasting (traditional russian summer drink)
  • * entrance fee to the abramtsevo estate
  • * photos of you taken by your guide
  • Гарантия места
  • Можно оплатить банковской картой на сайте или наличными в Евросети или Связном

Enjoy a full day private tour (for you only) departing from your Moscow hotel to the Golden Ring town of Sergiev Posad. On your way уou will visit sights including the famous Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius Monastery, Chernigov Skit (monks retreat) and its undgergound cave church as well as Matryoshka painting masterclass and Abramtsevo estate (XIX century retreat for Russian writers and painters) Learn about Russian history, culture and enjoy gorgeous countryside landscapes

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* Meet your guide at the lobby of your hotel early morning, at 7:00 a.m. and then set off for a full day countryside trip. Drive approximately 60 miles (100 km) towards the town of Sergiev Posad, one of the Golden Ring towns. First, visit a famous Russian Orthodox retreat temple called Chernigov Skete (if you book on SUnday, we will have a chance to visit early morning church service).

* In Skete wу will research an underground church, digged by monks in 19 century and will refresh ourselves with local herbs tea and fresh pastries.

* After that wу will continue to St Sergius Monastery. Enjoy a walking tour, visit 16th century temples, look at famous paintings of Andrey Rublyov and learn about Russian history. Along the way, you will have a chance to try a famous Russian Summer drink, called kvas (if your trip is during the summertime) with famous Russian pastries called pirozhki. Take a break for lunch in a nice cafe where you will have a chance to try dishes from Russian or soviet cuisine.

* And you will have a chacne to do something creative with your hands. Wу will have a master class of Matryoshka painting or church candle making from real wax.

* The final stop of the day is a Abramtsevo estate, a 19th century retreat for Russian writers and painters, a gorgeous place to learn about the russophile movement and relax before transferring back to Moscow. You will be dropped off at your hotel between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. at the conclusion of your tour. Feel free to ask questions and your guide will share some useful information and suggestions on what to do and to see best in Moscow.

It will be a gorgeous day!!!


Golden Ring and Trinity Lavra Private Day Trip from Moscow 24000 ₽ per group

What is included in activity

* Private car tour with a guide, a lot of walking included
* Kvas tasting (traditional Russian Summer drink)
* Entrance fee to the Abramtsevo estate
* Photos of you, taken by your guide
* Drinking water
* Hotel pickup and drop-off (selected areas only)

What is not included

* Private car tour with a guide
* Hotel pickup and drop-off (selected areas only)

* Underground Church tour at Chernigov Skit
* Matryoshka painting or Filimonov toy or Candle making master class

* Fresh Pastries with herbs tea tasting
* Kvas tasting (traditional Russian Summer drink)
* Entrance fee to the Abramtsevo estate
* Drinking water

* Photos of you, taken by your guide

Activity schedule

DAILY 7:00-17:00

What places will you see

* St Sergius Monastery
* Chernigov Skete (monks retreat)
* Matryoshka painting masterclass
* holy water springs
* estate Abramtsevo

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 11 hours in advance.

Languages in what activity is performed


Directions to meet your guide

Pickup from your hotel (inside MKAD)

How long your tour will be

9 hours
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Golden Ring and Trinity Lavra Private Day Trip from Moscow - customer reviews

No reviews yet

Reviews of other tours by Anton

Default f medium

We were so lucky to have Anton as our host in Moscow during the stay of our Austrian friends.He has made this tour really personal - full of secrets and hidden views, full of stories and incredible locations.
The tour is delicately and attentively planned - there are several stops prepared in between the walking, while coffee and fresh bakery add special flair to this day!
If you want to feel a bit more local in the city of strangers ask the local to guide you and you will find the other Planet inside the regular Moscow - it is nearly all empty, lid with sun, filled with love and history! the highlights you will never see with a regular sightseeing tour!
History, culture, religion and love - a substance I have never received all at once before!
Recommended with all my heart!

3 months ago

Default medium

Anton and Julia was the perfect hosts and made the day most enjoyable. They were entertaining and knowledgeable about the places we visited and took us to a little village to meet locals and view the summer houses.
Julia is a beautiful lady that makes you feel at home and takes beautiful photos of the day and the experience. We highly recommend going on a trip with them!!

about 1 year ago

Default medium

Anton and Julia were very warm and accommodating guides. They gathered information and thoughtfully crafted our tour to our interests.
My only suggestion is that the restaurant choice for lunch did not have much ambience or food that would please most western tourists. I'd recommend going up a level or two in restaurant quality. However, it was for locals which we appreciated.we did love the monastery, though!
We wish all the best to Julia and Anton!

Marilyn and Asia Hunt

about 1 year ago

Default medium
Tanja N.

Nice to discover the other side of Moscow, not the known places.
Informative and very interesting!
Definitely worth to do!
Thanks Anton!

about 1 year ago

Default medium

Very interesting to learn about the "other side" of Moskou with a local guide.

about 1 year ago

Default m medium

Good way to explore an other part of Moskow, a part you normally do not meet if you follow just the highlights by travel guide books.

Good guide Anton

about 1 year ago

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