WALK WITH LOCALS: Half Day Private Walking Tour

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  • E-ticket
  • English
  • * walking tour with a local guide
  • * morning cappuccino to go
  • * russian donuts with herbs tea
  • * moscow vintage postcard
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* Explore Moscow from a different angle and uncover its hidden gems * Enjoy a private, very personal walking Moscow tour with a guide who is a round-the-world traveler, a former CEO of eCommerce startup and a huge Moscow Fun. * You will see Moscow through the eyes of the Locals. Your guide will show you his own Moscow. This is a walking tour with a difference, aimed to make you feel like a local and introduce you to Moscow hidden gems! Learn about architecture, food and modern history while discovering the city. * You will walk around 10 to 12 km, so plan your wardrobe accordingly and wear nice walking shoes.

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If you really want something special, if you really want to experience Moscow how locals do — this tour is definitely for you. Anton will share with you his own very personal view on Moscow and show you some hidden spots.

* Meet your guide by Belorusskskaya metro near the fountain at the Belaya ploshad (White square) and then set off on your 4-hour walking tour, exploring the grand avenues and smaller streets.
* As you walk your guide will point out examples of Soviet and classic Russian architecture. You will learn the history of this area, the stories about a Napoleon invasion, famous Russian writers, about Horse Races and many more.
Discover a little history, architecture, your guide very personal history lessons, Moscow tea culture and many more.
* Enjoy cappuccino to-go Moscow styleI, exactly how locals do.
* And continue our walk towards Georgian Sloboda. You will learn about a modern sculpture school in Moscow, will find a magic portal to the Zoo and learn an important lesson of modern (and very brutal) history near Russian White House.
Then you will relax in a nice cafe trying Russian donuts with a herbal tea (very Moscow).
* Later we continue our walk to get to know a little bit about an important period of Constructivist architecture and will have a chance to visit a lobby of a famous Stalin skyscraper.
* Finally, take a stroll to Patriarch Ponds, the famous place and a very trendy neighbourhood. Wander through peaceful valleys around the Pond, learn the stories about this area, listen some poetry.
* Visit the most popular Moscow bakery and pastry store and indulge yourself with some amazing treats. A nice finale to this amazing tour of Moscow hidden gems!
* Feel free to ask questions and your guide will share some useful information and suggestions on what to do and to see best in Moscow.


Half Day Moscow Private Walking Tour WALK LIKE LOCALS
Offer for 1 person 13000 ₽ per group
Offer for 2 persons 14250 ₽ per group
Offer for 3 persons 15000 ₽ per group
Offer for 4 persons 16500 ₽ per group
Offer for 5 persons 18000 ₽ per group

What is included in activity

* Walking tour with a Local guide
* Morning Cappuccino to go
* Russian donuts with Herbs Tea
* Moscow Vintage Postcard

What is not included

* Hotel pickup and drop-off
* Gratuities (optional)

Activity schedule

DAILY 9:30-13:30, 14:30-18:30

What places will you see

* Leningrdasky avenue
* Belorussky train station
* Constructivist architecture
* Tatar pastries
* Hidden courtyards
* Georgian Sloboda
* Tseretely famous sculptures
* Hidden Zoo portal
* Stalin Skyscrapers
* Russian donuts with herbs tea
* White House and a brutal history behind
* US Embassy
* Patriarkh Ponds and russian fairy tales
* The vest bakery in the city, indulge yourself with local treats

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 12 hours in advance.

Languages in what activity is performed


Directions to meet your guide

Metro Belorusskaya, Circle line

How long your tour will be

4 hours
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WALK WITH LOCALS: Half Day Private Walking Tour - customer reviews

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Tanja N., Netherlands

May, 9 2017

Nice to discover the other side of Moscow, not the known places.
Informative and very interesting!
Definitely worth to do!
Thanks Anton!

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Marieth, Heerhugowaard, Netherlands

May, 9 2017

Very interesting to learn about the "other side" of Moskou with a local guide.

Default m medium
Erikreed, Netherlands

May, 2 2017

Good way to explore an other part of Moskow, a part you normally do not meet if you follow just the highlights by travel guide books.

Good guide Anton

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