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Basmanniy district - the ancient part of the city

Clock 3 hours
Group пешеходная
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The excursion around the Basmannyi district of Moscow for the people which are curious about how Moscow looked like 100 years ago.

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About the tour on

I would like to invite you on a tour around the Basmanny district — still one of the oldest parts of Moscow, the street view here is the same it was hundred years ago.

We are going to walk along the streets and learn about the famous inhabitants of the place — we will see where the uncle of Alexander Pushkin lived and died, where Marina Tsvetaeva, the well-known russian poetess was studying, we will pass the residence of the revolutioner's family — Murav'ev-Apostol's, which hardly tickled over the the difficult times of abandonmnet, we will also visit the house where the ghosts live.
We will start near the former gas factory, then go up the streets, have a rest in the Bauman's garden, take a picture of the oldest wooden houses which only few left. Than we get through Old and New Basmanniy streets, admire the view of the Bogoyavlenskiy cathedral, one of the oldest in Moscow. We will finish not far from Krasnie vorota, the metro station.
The route is rather long, it will take approximetely 3 hours, so please ensure to put on the comfortable shoes.

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Offer for 1 person 1800 ₽ per person
Offer for group of 2-10 persons 900 ₽ per person

Activity schedule

The excursion will take approximetely 3 hours

What places will you see

The old gas factory, the residence of Count Razumovsky, huge amount of beautiful old churches of different confessions, the old wooden Moscow building, the Bauman's garden,the residence of Murav'ev-Apostol's, Bogoyavlenskiy Cathedral, the house of V.Pushkin (Alexander Pushkin's uncle)

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 24 hours in advance.

Languages in what activity is performed

English, Russian

Directions to meet your guide

Nijnii Susal'nii pereulok, 5

How long your tour will be

3 hours

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