Ostankino TV Tower

Поднимитесь на высоту 337 метров и осмотрите всю Москву


Ostankino TV Tower is the main symbol of the Russian television and an important tourist attraction of Moscow city, in particular, and of Russia, in general. It is the highest freestanding construction in Europe. It is 540 meters high.

Viewpoints of the Ostankino Tower are the only place from where one may view all sights of the capital at the same time. Visit the Tower and you would see Moscow city from the East to the West and from the North to the South.

Admission to TV tower is allowed for visitors above 7 years old with photo ID (passport driver’s license, etc.) Should a child under 14 does not have a photo ID, he/she may be allowed to admit TV tower observation deck in the company of one of his/her parents.

The following categories are not permitted to visit observation deck:
— individuals under 7 years old;
— individuals with obvious signs of alcohol or drug intoxication;
— physically disabled individuals using prosthetic devices;
— physically disabled individuals with vision deficiencies using white walking stick;
— individuals with obvious signs of mental deviations;
— individuals using additional supports when in motion (crutches, canes, etc.);
— physically disabled individuals in wheelchairs.

Citizens who have implanted alien implants (pacemakers, prostheses, etc.) containing metal components, which can trigger the alarm detector, should have a personal identification card of the patient, confirming the implantation of medical devices.

It is strictly prohibited to bring the following items to the Tower :
— Firearms, gas arms, cold steel, ammunition, explosives and other items and substances not allowed for civil use;
— Means of active defense;
— Thrust, cutting items and glass containers;
— Alcoholic drinks and other liquids;
— Toxic and strong smelling substances as well as any sprays;
— Big items (suitcases, rucksacks, cases, bags, umbrellas etc.);
— Animals.

The visitors, who purchased e-tickets, shall arrive to the excursion bureau no later than 45 minutes prior to beginning of the booked visit.

In order to obtain a nominal pass to the TV tower, the visitor must:
— Present at the tour desk:
1) The voucher is printed out (sent together with the instruction within a few hours after payment);
2) the document proving the identity;
2.1) Document confirming the benefit (if necessary).
— get a flyer from the tour desk administrator for payment;
— with a flyer to go to the cashier and pay the rest of the tour;

In case of absence of records indicated in Clause 4.3.2, no access to TV Tower shall be released, and payment amount for non-used ticket shall not be reimbursed.

What’s included

- ticket

What’s not included

- guide

Расписание и цены


Adult weekdays 1100 ₽ per person
kid (from 7 up to 18 years) weekdays 600 ₽ per person
Adult weekendsand holydays 1300 ₽ per person
kid (from 7 up to 18 years) 700 ₽ per person

Activity schedule:

Every day from 12:00 till 21:00.

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 9 hours in advance.

How long your tour will be

1 hour

How can you pay for the activity

You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.

Directions to meet your guide

Akademika Koroleva Street, building 15, block 2

Ostankino TV Tower - customer reviews

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Elena R., Saint Petersburg, Россия

September, 19 2017

Nice place, beautiful view of Moscow & perfect organization