Celebrate New Year's Eve like Russians do!

Celebrate New Year's Eve like Russians do!

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Russia is the country, where due to some historical events the main celebration and holiday in a year — is New Years’ Eve. With its atmosphere it will remind in some way Christmas in western countries, but has a lot its own traditions and inspirations. We invite you to experience New Years’ Night in Russian style on any winter day. We will create the holiday, bringing all main attributes with the fur-tree and presents, fest dinner with Russian salads Olivye and Herring under Fur-coat, traditional president’s speech and soviet movie Irony of Fate, main magician heroes of the night Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka (Russian Santa Clause and his granddaughter) and of course will bring great company of friends. Absolutely unique and truly Russian cultural experience, warm and friendly atmosphere, that’s what we guarantee. Join us!

Tour highlights:
— Experience the celebrating of New Year’s Eve Russian Style on any winter day.
— Visit and explore winter holiday market in Moscow
— Have the real festive New Year’s dinner, like Russian families do
— Enjoy all the traditional attributes of the holiday: presents, making wishes, original TV-shows and many more
— Of course feel like being a part of Russian family and just the best friend!

Route & Description:

We will start with visiting winter-holiday market in the center of Moscow. It is always the center of joy and happiness, because everyone is preparing for celebration and ready to share the great mood. Have an idea about traditions of celebrating New Year’s Eve, why not Christmas, how it looked like in Soviet Times, how our grandmothers and grandfathers did enjoy this holiday. Afterwards we go to start main preparations and celebrate. This is going to be in-house party, so you will join us at our place in the center of the city. Depending on what you like, you can help with finishing cooking of salads for the dinner, or decorating the house or else. Anyway you will absolutely dive into atmosphere of close friends — and — family holiday. For sure you will be introduced to the most famous movie, which is always ON during 31st of December, this soviet masterpiece is called the Irony of Fate is a great comedy about people’s relations. You will hear traditional president’s speech and sound of clock on Kremlin tower which will count down seconds to the New Year. Write a wish on a paper, make a ritual which for sure will let it become true. But most importantly spend time with us, with locals who will share with great pleasure our New Year’s stories, stories of our life and will explore Russia for you through eyes of a friend. We will finish evening with exchanging presents and nice firework in the yard. For sure this activity will be something very special, made just for you and will tell you a lot about Russian cultural traditions and make you the part of Russian family.
Join us for this fun, exciting and very special experience!

— Visiting winter-holiday market in the center of Moscow;
— Festive dinner in a style of Russian New Year’s Eve;
— Champaign and fruit;
— Time in a great company of Russian friends;
— services of an English and Russian speaking guide.

— personal expenses and tips

Regular ticket
Offer for group of 1-2 persons 9000 ₽ per person
Offer for 2 persons 4500 ₽ per person
Offer for 3 persons 4500 ₽ per person
Offer for 4 persons 4500 ₽ per person
What is included in activity:

 Visiting winter-holiday market in the center of Moscow;
 Festive dinner in a style of Russian New Year’s Eve;
 Champaign and fruit;
 Time in a great company of Russian friends;
 services of an English and Russian speaking guide.

Activity book period:
You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed:
Directions to meet your guide:

Pushkinskaya Square or pick up from hotel

How long your tour will be:
5 hours
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Celebrate New Year's Eve like Russians do! - customer reviews

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Reviews of other tours by Olga

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Спасибо большое за интересную экскурсию!) Аня очень увлекательно, с душой рассказывает об искусстве и трендах) Насыщенно, за 3 часа мы успели посмотреть выставки, арт-объекты, походить по магазинчикам, выпить какао и просто здорово пообщаться. Спасибо огромное!)

over 1 year ago

Default medium
Emily C.

We are very grateful for your hospitality during our visit to Moscow. We all enjoyed seeing the beautiful and interesting sights there, especially those gorgeous Museum and perfect local tours.
Thank you very much for sharing the unique culture and history of Russia with us. The food was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. We feel very fortunate to have tasted those traditional Russian delicacies, and so do the perfect vodka we have ever tried.

almost 2 years ago

David B.

I don't know where to start ...
We met on a stormy winter day charming girl dressed a pink coat. She took us on a fascinating tour of galleries and walls of graffiti,designers studio's and introduced us art scene of this amazing city.The area was once a wine factory and have a lot of fascinating spots and cozy restaurants.The guide was very professional and smart. We had a good time walking the streets of Moscow and revealing secret spots that you'll never get there alone.
After all she left us a lot of recommendation for our next days, including the most trandy restaurants and interesting places to visit.
Highly recommended tour for those who interested to see real Moscow.

almost 2 years ago

Default f medium

Экскурсия понравилась, была полезной и интересной!

almost 2 years ago

Default medium

Очень обширная и познавательная.

about 2 years ago

Default medium

It was a great experience I would recommend it to everyone!

about 2 years ago

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