Death Valley

Death Valley

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The name of the National Park speaks for itself: severe and hot desert reminds hell, it seems a figment of morbid imagination; lifeless and frightening place, descended from the pages of the Old Testament. But at the same time millions of tourists come here from all over the world. There is a reasonable question — why?

The answer is pretty simple. On the huge territory of the park you can find the singing sand dunes, mosaic marble canyons, appearing from the stone lumps in the middle of the desert, extinct volcanic craters, palm oases and a lot of rare species of flora and fauna. Devote one day of your time to explore this wonder of nature.

Tour program:

The driest, hottest and lowest point of the Western hemisphere is waiting for you! It is hard to imagine more surreal landscapes. The road to the park takes about two hours from Las Vegas. You will pass huge dunes, volcanic craters and elegant rock formations.

Tour program includes the visit of the bed, formed by the strong torrents during rainy seasons, walk along the endless salt lake, stops at such picturesque places as Zabriskie Point, Dante’s View, Artist Palette an island of unique sand dunes. Also you will see ghost towns, where a lot of Hollywood movies were filmed, as well as Scotty’s Castle, created by the Chicago millionaire. This fantasy, surrounded by green island, seems to be a mirage against the background of desert.



Offer for group of 1-3 persons $744 per group
Offer for group of 4-6 persons $869 per group
What is included in activity:

Guide service, transfer

What is not included:

Food and drinks

Activity schedule:

Every day at 9 am

Activity book period:
You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed:
English, Russian
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Your hotel

How long your tour will be:
8 hours
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Самая засушливая, самая жаркая и самая низкая точка Западного полушария — это все о Долине Смерти, известной своими сюрреалистическими пейзажами. Мы проедемся по руслу, оставленному бурными потоками воды в период сильных дождей, посетим города-призраки, где, к слову говоря, частенько снимаются голливудские киноленты и, конечно, остановимся в самых живописных местах долины. Вас ждет Забриски Пойнт, вид Данте, палитра художников, островок уникальных песчаных дюн и многое другое.



Для группы 1-3 человек $744 за экскурсию
Для группы 4-6 человек $869 за экскурсию
Что включено:

Услуги гида, трансфер

Что не включено:

Еда и напитки



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Бронирование возможно за 36 часов до начала.
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