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8 h.
Zion National Park
The name “Zion” means the “residence of God”. Actually, this is a kind of place where time seems to be stopped… The history of Zion National Park is the wind, water and stones...
$744 per group
8 h.
Death Valley
The name of the National Park speaks for itself: severe and hot desert reminds hell, it seems a figment of morbid imagination; lifeless and frightening place, descended from the pages of the Old Testament. But at the same time millions of tourists come here from all over the world...
$744 per group
5 h.
Wild, Wild West!
Wonderful stories of the Wild West come to life during a trip to Eldorado Canyon – the country of fabulous wealth, where the oldest and famous gold mines of the Southern Nevada are situated. This place is shrouded in legends and mysteries...
$563 per group
8 h.
Grand Canyon by car
Being in Las Vegas, try to find time for traveling to the Grand Canyon and you will get incredible impression...
$744 per group
4 h.
Las Vegas-Express
Las Vegas is a place where banknotes always rustle, coins ring and slot machines glow. This place attracts millions of tourists, it even has a nickname of “Disneyland for Adults”...
$350 per group
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