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Andrey was great guide and he loves his job - to show the great city of Kiev to foreigners! I asked him for extensive half day tour, he accommodated all my wishes, we walked more than 20 km all around the Kiev. I can really recommend his tour(s)!

About activity Sightseeing from Kiev's roofs 6 months ago
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The tour was great. I highly recommend it ! Andrey not only showed us a different way to see Kiev but told us some inside stories, explained things about the history of the city and answered all our questions (and we did have many). His English is great and this tour was definitely one of the main reasons why I came back home from Kiev with a smile : )

About activity Sightseeing from Kiev's roofs 10 months ago
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Fahd S.

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It was great seeing Kiev from another, higher vantage point. Andrei has a wealth of experience to share when you're up. I definitely learned a lot. Andrei is a gentleman in every regard, and speaks great English, even though he is very humble about it.

About activity Sightseeing from Kiev's roofs 12 months ago
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It was a great tour, thank you very much

About activity Sightseeing from Kiev's roofs about 1 year ago
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we had a aweseome tour with Andrey, he answerd us so many questions about kiev and ukraine. Thanks a lot for showing us this incredible place. I gave your number to olga, the host of our hostel if you like she can offer your tour in the hostel!
cheers max

About activity Sightseeing from Kiev's roofs over 2 years ago
Hendrik N.

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I had the tour, starting in English, but since Andrey also speaks Swedish he continued in Swedish which was very nice. We visited two tall buildings in different parts of Kyiv, and it was very interesting to reach these roofs.
The views were very nice, and we spent quite a lot of time on one of the roofs waiting for it to get dark. It was really nice to see how the view changed into something completely different when darkness fell. Buildings and items that you saw in daylight disappeared and others became visible.
It is clear that climbing roofs is a real passion for Andrey and he can really make you understand why. Besides talking about roofs and views we had a nice conversation about our respective countries, and I learnt a lot. This is far more interesting than taking a conventional guided tour!

About activity Sightseeing from Kiev's roofs over 3 years ago

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