Night tour on the Kiev roofs

Night tour on the Kiev roofs

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200 UAH


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3 hours

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Absolutely fantastic! Couldn't recommend this tour enough. Andrey was in touch constantly right up until the tour which was reassuring. We had slightly more people than he normally allows, but this…
t t t t t Review by Lee
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Welcome to Kiev!
Enjoy night views of the high roofs of Kiev, as well as the morning dawn with sunrise. Now, we have two available locations: Vinodragar (beautiful suburb with high-storey houses and woods around it), Lukianivka and Pechersk (view on Dnipro-river, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra etc. ).
The tour is intended for those who like to enjoy the bright lights, which are scattered around the dark deep of the night, that merge with the horizon. If you want to experience the atmosphere of a sleeping city and you adore the twilight shining you are to get ready to sacrifice your sleep in order to climb on the roof in the nighttime.

You can spend all night on the roof, waiting untill the sun rises or we can go up there only at dawn — an hour before daybreak.
In any case, you will remember this walk and will look at the Kiev differently.

Please write to me, before booking this tour, and ask me about every detail!

Regular ticket 200 UAH per person
Activity schedule:

По договоренности с гидом

Activity book period:
You can book tour for 8 hours before start.
How can you pay for the activity:
You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
Languages in what activity is performed:
English, Russian
Directions to meet your guide:

Lukianivska metro station (nearby turnstiles)

How long your tour will be:
3 hours
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Предлагаю полюбоваться ночными видами с крыш Киева, а также встретить рассвет. В данный момент, имеются несколько вариантов: Виноградарь (дом находится на холме), Лукьяновка (центр как на ладони плюс широкий взгляд на окраины) и Зверинец (видно Днепр, Лавру, Левый берег).

Тур для всех тех, кому нравится любоваться ночными огнями, которые сливаются с горизонтом. Если вам хочется ощутить атмосферу спящего города и вы просто обожаете встречать рассвет, готовьтесь пожертвовать своим сном ради ночной прогулки на высоте.

Вы можете провести на крыше всю ночь, встретив рассвет или же мы можем подняться туда в рассветное время — за час до рассвета.
В любом случае, вы запомните эту прогулку и посмотрите на Киев по-другому.

В данный момент, предлагаю экскурсию только на одну крышу в вышеописанных районах. Если хотите вместить больше, договаривайтесь в личных сообщениях. Также не спешите делать предоплату, узнайте о к-ве свободных мест и крыши, которые вам предлагаются!!!

Стандартный билет 200 грн. за человека

По договоренности с гидом

За какой период можно бронировать:
Бронирование возможно за 8 часов до начала.
Как можно оплатить:
карта Visa или Mastercard, Сбербанк Онлайн, Альфа-Клик, WebMoney, Яндекс Деньги и наличными в отделениях Связного или Евросети
На каких языках проводится?:
Английский, Русский
Место начала:

Ст. м. "Лукьяновская"

Какова длительность?:
3 часа
Карточка экскурсии
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Night tour on the Kiev roofs - customer reviews

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t t t t t May, 12 2014

Absolutely fantastic! Couldn't recommend this tour enough.
Andrey was in touch constantly right up until the tour which was reassuring.

We had slightly more people than he normally allows, but this wasn't a problem, and he accommodated us perfectly. The first rooftop was the least challenging and was a lovely introduction to rooftopping Kiev.

After this, a few of our group branched off and we went for a couple more challenging rooftops (although nothing too extreme!).

Andrey organised all of the travel between the roofs, which made things very slick and well organised. Andreys English was perfect, and it was a pleasure chatting to him on roofs and balconies while we were waiting for taxis.

In the end it was us that were too tired to go on, despite Andreys enthusiasm, and thirst to hit the next roofs! We had been on the roofs from 9pm 'til 3am.

The photos we all got from the tour were fantastic. Andrey is the nicest guy in the world and we've stayed in contact since. I cant wait to get back to Kiev just to hit the roofs again!

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