Three lives of Hreschatik

Three lives of Hreschatik

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2 hours

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Track: European Square — Maidan Nezalezhnosti — Besarabka Market

During the tour you will walk along the main and most revolutionary street in Kyiv.
Hreschatik — is a quite new street, but it became the symbol of those changes that take place in our city for the last 150 years.
You will get to know the story of famous Yolka — one of negative symbols of Euromaidan on the main square. You will see the signs of certain plastic surgery this street experienced about 60 year ago. You will have a unique chance to practice mendicancy together with a famous swindler Mr. Panikovski. The most modern market with a concert hall is our last stop. The market is facing a pedestal for Lenin statue demolished during the Euromadan.

Bonus: unique photos “Me and Ukrainian revolution”

Regular ticket 1100 UAH per group
What places will you see:

Track: European Square – Maidan Nezalezhnosti – Besarabka Market

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You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.
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Metro station “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”, entrance to

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2 hours
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Неделю назад мне посчастливилось провести чудесный вечер с Вашим экскурсоводом Ириной!! Я как завороженная ходила за ней по Киеву три часа!!! Ирина - редкий специалист, очень эрудированный, тонко чувствующий, любящий свою работу. Не могу не восхищаться Мастером своего дела! Спасибо за необыкновенное радушие, душевную теплоту и веру в дружбу наших великих народов!

около 1 года назад

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Very knowlegable guide! Highly recommended!

почти 2 года назад

Default medium

The guide was friendly, knowledgeable and adapted the tour to take in specific things I wanted to see as I was short on time in the city. Would recommend.

больше 2 лет назад

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