Sightseeing excursion Pacific Coast - Khalaktyrskiy beach

Мы отправимся с вами на невероятный Халактырский пляж — берег Тихого океана с длиной прибрежной полосы около 30 км. Пройдёмся по черному песку вулканического происхождения, насладимся видом на завораживающие волны, подышим свежим морским воздухом, увидим величественные скалы, ягодники и заросли кедрача. Даже заберемся на одну из скал, откуда вам откроются потрясающие панорамные виды. Ознакомимся с растительностью и историей этого волшебного места. Если сезон позволит, соберем немного ягод (брусника, шишка).
Mini group
4 hrs
Group size up to 5 persons
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
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English, Русский язык
Children allowed

Khalaktyrskiy beach is a coast of the Pacific Ocean with a coastal strip of about 30 km. Black sand, huge waves, sea breeze, rocks, berries and thickets of cedar.
Kamchatka sand is of volcanic origin, therefore it has a color from dark gray to black.
This is a rare phenomenon caused by the constant volcanic eruptions on the peninsula. Flows of lava and slag pour out and freeze on the slopes and neighboring territories. And the fast rivers that originate in glaciers, year after year they erode this mineral-rich rock and carry it into the ocean. And then, with each wave approaching the coast, small particles of volcanic origin are carried out and remain on the coastal strip. To date, the black sand reaches 20 meters, and the very coast of the Khalaktyrskiy beach stretches for more than 30 kilometers.
The black volcanic sand on the Khalaktyrskiy beach itself is rich in precious metals such as iron, vanadium, and titanium.
The water temperature in the hottest days warms up to 15 degrees. It is cold to bathe even in summer, although the locals do not deny themselves this pleasure. You can also lie on the sand, which is warming up on a sunny day.
During the war, on the coast waited for the landing of the Japanese troops, in some places even tanks were dug into the ground. Khalaktyrskiy beach still keeps these traces of war.
If you are lucky with the season, you can feast on berries such as lingonberries, siksa or bright orange and red rose hips.
At the Khalaktyrskiy beach, a tourist visit center is equipped, where you can learn about the local flora and fauna, take a walk and relax on the equipped sites, have a snack in a cafe, buy souvenirs.
Nearby are steep cliffs, where mountaineers take classes, which offer stunning views.
The excursion is available for people of any physical fitness and age.

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Guide / guide services with knowledge of English;
Transportation services;
Meals on the route.

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Flights to Kamchatka and back;
Other additional services;
Visit to hot springs;
Volcanarium Museum;
Personal spending, alcoholic beverages.

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On any day, upon request, when recruiting a group of 4 people

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Pacific Coast - Khalaktyrskiy beach

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English, Russian
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Str. Tushkanova, 12, fl. 2, Petropavlovsk-Kamchats

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4 hrs
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4000 ₽
per person
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
No prepayment is required, pay directly to guide
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