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Private пешеходная
4 hours
Creative shopping for football tourists
1250 ₽
per person
8 отзывов

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg. Welcome to FIFA 2018. All tourists and football fans want to keep in memory this football celebration which unite people all over the world. I want to show you some unique shops with original hand-made souvenirs and presents...

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Rita R., Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

August, 2 2012

This is a brilliant experience I have ever had. Rimma (you) have recommended many unique places I have ever been to and and can`t stop buying things there!!! These places are one hundred percent better that those stereotyped souvenir shops and also things there are all accorded with my feelings!!!

I am very appreciated to your great tour of creative shopping also your time and patience to help us about the train tickets. For more, sorry to interrupt your family party in which you welcome your parents come back.

I will cherish this extraordinary shopping experience in my life. Welcome to China if you want to come, and I will be your free tour of China,Tianjin too!!!

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Robin J., Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

July, 22 2013

This is a wonderful way to see another side of St. Petersburg. By taking us to the first Russian second-hand shop and 3 great shops selling things by Russian designers and craftsmen, Along the way, there is the great pleasure of getting to know and talk with a person who meets you with warmth and curiosity and shares her St. Petersburg with you. Rimma opened a door for us to a Russia that is innovative, creative and playful.

And when you are finished, you can only want to learn and see more.

Robin J.

Julia K., London, United Kingdom

July, 2 2014

I had such a great time with Rimma. We visited several quirky, artsy shops, where I was able to pick up gifts for friends and family as well as a couple of items for myself. It was fun walking and chatting all the while. Rimma went out of her way to spend time with me and show me parts of the city that I otherwise wouldn't have experienced. Definitely a highlight of my trip!

Joseph P., Australia

July, 10 2013

Rimma is great. At the moment she is working for the Kaloshnikov magazine...how Russian is that? We walked and chatted about lofe in St Petersburg before visiting some great shops that i probably wouldn't have found on my own. I found some creative and cute gifts for my friends and family. Lots of fun!

Denise, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

July, 30 2012

This is the most wonderful trip I've ever have! We went to many adorable unique shop and I just can not stop buying! HAHAHA^+++^. Rimma is VERY easygoing AND good at communicate person, I enjoy every minute being with her! Next time maybe we can go abroad together, what do you think, Rimma?~^___^~.

Yoke W., Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

October, 5 2012

Rimma brought us around interesting little shops round the corners in St Petersburg that we otherwise wouldn't be able to find. Really enjoyed her company and the conversations we had. It's a pity that my stay in St Petersburg was so short, would love to hang out more! :)

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Verschoo, Россия

February, 17 2018

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Susancho, Shanghai, China

May, 31 2017