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Pmbuchan, Manchester, UK.

t t t t t April, 7 2015

I didn't have much time to spend in Kiev and was looking to fit as much as I could see in the short space of time I had. I found the Quintessential Tour on Sputnik and this seemed to tick all the boxes. I got in touch with Sputnik and received an email from Margarita very quickly. I'd already seen The Pechersk Lavra Caves and wanted to see something a bit different than other tours offer. I arranged to meet Margarita in my hotel lobby to begin a tour that went to places I would never have found by myself. The three hours flew by with Margarita. Her knowledge of the city was first class and she was clearly passionate about her home town . The only disappointment was not being able to persuade the delightful Margarita to extend the tour a little longer. Don't miss this tour and definitely don't miss the opportunity to spend time with a superb tour guide, Margarita.
Review by Paul B.

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Kyle G.

t t t t t October, 6 2013

Margarita is an amazing ambassador for the city of Kiev and truly has the pulse and heartbeat of Kiev. She has a deep knowledge of Kiev and it's amazing history which she combines with aspects of modern life to provide a uniquely interesting moving portrait. Her English is far better than mine and I am a native speaker, her smile helps you enjoy the day even more and she will take you through such a wonderful exploration of Kiev that you will feel like continuing the journey. Overall she is an amazing guide who will make you feel like you are part of the fabric of Kiev.

Thanks Margo,great two days in this amazing city called Kiev.

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Eivind M., Porsgrunn, Norway

t t t t t September, 15 2015

I Don`t think the trip became quite what we expected. It was a 100 times more!!!
We had a great All day long tour ( "Work out tour") at sep 12. With Antonina in Kiev.
She was absolutely fantastic!!
Befor the trip she has done Research about Our 2 countries, she was very knowledgeable and interested, she was professional and personal, she was fun (she got us even to dance) and interesting , she talked to everyone in the group, even the most shy one.
Thank you, Antonina. Big hug from all in the Group.

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Chris T., Oshkosh, США

t t t t t May, 17 2016

Fantastic tour! Margarita was an amazing guide. Her English was perfect and our group could not have been more pleased. If you're looking for a guide on one of your first days, definitely take this tour. Margarita will recommend parts of the city, restaurants, events, literature, and everything in between. My only regret is not taking this tour earlier during my trip.

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t t t t t April, 20 2015

Margo was a phenomenal tour guide! I cannot say enough good things about her tour. She asked me my interests and tailored the tour to it. Her knowledge of the city and its history is absolutely incredible. I had a splendid day with her. Honestly, I would not look anywhere else for a tour guide...she was just perfect.

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Mattias., Mexico City

t t t t t August, 22 2016

The tour was great! I had just arrived in Kiev and did not know the city, but Margarita showed me around in a very good way and also gave me some tips where to spend the afternoon and explore the city on my own after the tour. It really made my stay in Kiev a lot more interesting!

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Andrey, Израиль

t t t t t August, 25 2016

Всё понравилось. Маргарита умница. Нас было шесть человек, в возрасте от 9 до 64 лет. Маргарита смогла построить экскурсию так, что было интересно каждому. Это не лёгкая задача, найти к каждому подход. Маргарите большое спасибо.

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Vasyukova N.

t t t t t January, 9 2014

Были на этой экскурсии 5 января. Очень все понравилось. Огромное спасибо гиду Маргарите за ее интересный рассказ о городе. Не знаю как мои спутники, а я влюбилась в город и обязательно вернусь в скором времени.

Katya G., Москва, Россия

t t t t t January, 10 2014

Замечательная экскурсия с потрясающим гидом!! После историй Маргариты не возможно не влюбиться в Киев, были на экскурсии 5 января 2014, лучшего начала знакомства с городом трудно представить!! Спасибо)

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t t t t t August, 24 2015

Margarita did an awesome job, excellent english, welcoming atmosphere and a lot of knowledgeable facts and features about Kiev and its history :) Recommended!

Steffen D.

t t t t t February, 2 2016

Margarita gave a very good tour and had a lot of knowledge about the city! Would definately recommend taking this tour!

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Vvkatiev, Украина

t t t t t April, 18 2016

Great tour and guide, it was nice to see some nature in the city. Wonderful views and interesting legends.

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t t t t t September, 20 2015

Margarita was a very knowledgeable guide and a nice person, would recommend her to anyone.

Jonas.declercq, Belgium

t t t t t June, 26 2016

She is very friendly and know everything about Kiev.
Must do of you are in Kiev!

Silvio L.

t t t t t September, 26 2015

Margarita is a perfect guide for Your days in kiev

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Jasper.f, Rillaar, Belgium

t t t t t August, 5 2016

Couldn't have been better

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Bronyaler L., Haifa, Израиль

t t t t t May, 22 2016

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Sertemel, Łódź, Poland

t t t t t April, 27 2016

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t t t t t November, 9 2015

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t t t t t November, 4 2015

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Uinlee23, New York City

t t t t t November, 3 2015

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t t t t t March, 22 2016

Margo was an excellent tour guide - she knew the answer to every question we had and had so much information on every topic. The tour around Babi Yar was chilling. Thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone with an interest in Jewish history, and specifically the Holocaust.

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t t t t t March, 24 2016