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Danica J., Finland

t t t t t July, 13 2016

My day with Irina was absolutely one of the highlights of my time in St Petersburg. I combined this 'Journey to the Past' tour with her other cooking masterclass. We started the day baking traditional Russian bread at Irina's place, during which time we drank tea, chatted and helped each other with our language skills :) Afterwards, Irina took me to her favourite bric-a-brac stores so I could find some little treasures to take home as Russian mementos. These are not shops you would find without local know-how! Irina introduced me to the shopkeepers who were all very friendly, and she helped me select some special souvenirs along the way, telling me the stories of many objects and their significance to Russian culture and history. We also made a trip to the local food market to sample delicacies from all over Russia, which was a lot of fun. By the time Irina and I parted ways in the evening, I really felt as if I had spent the day with a good friend. I would highly recommend to do this tour in conjunction with Irina's cooking tour as well, as she is a formidable cook :)

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t t t t t June, 7 2015

This is a unique and very interesting tour! Irina is an excellent guide who did not simply tell me historical facts but escorted me in a leisurely stroll in many off-the-beaten-track locations in Kronshtadt. We walked into parks, saw the abandoned locks of ships, took pictures of old and ruined buildings, visited the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, and had lunch in a local café. The Kronstadt Naval Cathedral is highly recommended! Also recommended is the walk along the system of locks that was made possible with the help and expertise of Andrei. Many thanks Irina and Andrei for the amazing experience and the great company!

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t t t t t September, 2 2014

This tour was great! Irina is very friendly and we spent several hours chatting about everything from Russian food and culture, to what's going on in the city! She took me to an antique shop while the bread was baking and recommended several 'off-the-beaten-track' events in the city over the course of my stay that so far have all been great! The conversation was great, and Irina was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to learn about Russia and St Petersburg over a cup of tea, and take home a delicious loaf of bread! Thanks Irina!

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Mark S., Carrickfergus, United Kingdom

t t t t t July, 30 2014

This is an excellent tour which explores all nooks and crannies of Kronsdadt with an excellent guide in Irina.

The trip from Staraya Derevna is by local bus for about 20 roubles which isn't bad for a trip of some 32 kms along the coast road and then across the barrage to the island.

There's lots to see and lots of history and Irina along with a local friend from the island provide a great excursion. The canteen's fine too with good cheap wholesome Russian and Georgian food.

You must do this trip!


Eidea B.

t t t t t February, 24 2015

This tour was awesome! Irina is very enthusiastic and knows a lot about the history of Saint Petersburg and Russia in general. She took us to some cool hidden antique stores around the city (amongst many other sites). It's great to spend some time visiting these places, as not many average tourists have these rare opportunities. Irina can point out details as you walk around, and she can help you find some cool things to buy here. If you are looking for a unique glimpse into Saint Petersburg, check this out.


t t t t t March, 11 2015

The tour with Irina and getting to know her was the most amazing thing I did in Saint Petersburg! Being a traveler in Russia is quite difficult for first timers and specially if you don´t dominate the language. With Irina I felt I was living there and exploring the city with a real friend.
The tour itself is amazing, original and magic but Irina makes it even more special: she knows a lot of things, stories, key facts... that you don´t find in any guide.
I recommend it to everyone! Spasibo Irina!

Vlad P., Москва

t t t t t January, 23 2015

Когда я только увидел предложение о выпечке хлеба на сайте - я сразу забронировал его! И я сделал правильное решение - я не только научился выпекать хлеб и испробовал вкусный чай, но и насладился безумно увлекательной беседой с интересным собеседником!
И это было одним из самых ярких впечатлений за мою поездку в Питер :)
Если Вас интересует один из самых интересных опытов в Питере - рекомендую прийти сюда! Это того стоит :)

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t t t t t September, 16 2015

Irina is very kind and cheerful, she explained me all the ingredients of our dishes(and taught me the ingredients' names in Russian even i speak very bad,haha),then taught me how to cook step by step, she is professional. During the tea time, she shared me interesting knowledge of Russia living style and introduced flea market to me. I am glad to have a great time with her, absolutly recommand this tour.

Aleksandra G., Москва

t t t t t July, 29 2014

Благодаря Ирине, нам удалось посмотреть Кронштат изнутри, помимо общеизвествных памятников. Нас поразили петровские доки, которые конечно сейчас находятся в заброшенном состоянии, но их все-таки продолжают охранять крикливые бабули, побывали на кладбище домашних животных, посидели на набережной самого города и полюбовались приходящими в город судами. Было необычно и увлекательно, советую!!!

Rinatf, Saint-Petersburg

t t t t t March, 9 2015

During this tour with Irina we could make a trip to the exciting world of old things. We have visited four local, non-toustic antique stores in the historical part of St Petersburg. These stores are offering everything that one can imagine - from jewellery to furniture! Irina has helped us to find special souvenirs and to bargain for a good price.
We can highly recommend this tour!

Jo F.

t t t t t November, 17 2013

I spent a great couple of hours with Irina, learning to bake Russian bread. The bread was delicious (I'm still enjoying it a couple of days later!) and Irina was very friendly and welcoming. She even took me to an antique shop and a church after we finished baking, and talked to me all about her travels. I would highly recommend this tour. Thank you so much Irina!

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Mariya P., Москва, Россия

t t t t t October, 19 2015

Огромное спасибо за экскурсию!!!
Очень приятно увидеть город глазами человека, который его знает и любит, и помимо классического туристического маршрута, побывать в новых интересных местах.
Все было замечательно и очень душевно, получили море положительных эмоций!
Всем советуем!!!

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Anton B.

t t t t t March, 16 2015

Понравилась. Места в стороне от туристических маршрутов, позволяют по настоящему ощутить дыхание времени, сделать редкие снимки. Ну и туристический Кронштадт довольно интересен - собор, корабли, за время экскурсии мы успели обойти наверное весь остров:-)


t t t t t February, 10 2016

One of the best experiences during my trip. Irina is just a lovely and interesting person and makes you feel comfortable at her place. You leave enriched, with a tasty memory of the encounter. Thank you very much Irina!

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Ggrinyaa, Ростов-на-Дону

t t t t t February, 2 2016

Экскурсия потрясающе интересная!Было здорово!Спасибо большущее ребятам-Ирине и Андрею!Хочется вернуться)))

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t t t t t December, 18 2015

Прекрасная экскурсия по закаулкам города острова, места для прогулок с интересными людьми. Спасибо Ирине.

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Judy H., Россия

t t t t t May, 7 2016

It was interesting and fun.