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Aleksandrov - capital of Ivan The Terrible

Clock 8 hours
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This activity is not available any more. Please try other activities.

12 hours
Blue Stone
5000 ₽
per person

The legend of the Blue Stone, perhaps, is one of the most ancient legends as it is connected to the history of Hyperborea and Atlantis. The blue stone lies on the shore of Lake Pleshcheeva that is near ancient town of Pereslavl-Zalessky ...

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If you are going to go around The Golden Ring you make be sure to drop into Alexsandrov!
This trip is perfect, for those, who want to see a real, provincial town, with a great history, but without a big tourists crowd! I would like you to have a variety of emotions from the trip.
Why nobody know about this town, is it realy interesting ?
Despite of the fact that the town is part of The Golden Ring, just a few people know about its existance and history (even Russians!). Alexsandrov is am important town in Russian history. For 17 years it was the unofficial capital of Russia — unofficial, because Russian czar Ivan Grozny (Ivan the Terrible) ruled the country from here, while Moscow was still the actual capital.
There are just several facts about the town :
— Here was the last place, where Ivans IV mysterious library had been seen.
— Here Ivan the Terrible was crowned together with his third wife and the fifth wife.
— From this town Ivan IV sent troops for invasion to Kazan
— Here, according the legend, Ivan The Terrible killed his son Ivan.
— The daughter of Peter I Elizabeth had been living here for 10 years, and went for the ceremony of crowning from this place

What we will doing there?
When we arrive to the town we will :

1 Visit the architectural complex Alexandrovskaya Sloboda. Inside complex we will drop into several exhibitions, where you can see: The Throne of Ivan the Terrible, ancient clock , ancient gates, which Ivan brought from the Tver as trophies.

2. Climb the church-bell tower and see the town spread out and take best foto in your life.

3. Walk around walls outside and you’ll see typical Russian landscapes with fortress walls, specticular pond, wooden houses which were typical for 18-19 cc.
3 Go to the Merchant Pervushin's Estate, which specializes as an idea of the revival of traditions and history. If we are lucky we will join in with a group and participate in a play about life of provincial merchants.
4. Go to an arcade with Soviet Automatic Games From the 70s, there are not a lot of games, but I promise that it will be fun!
Later we can have lunch in one of the restaurant, where you will wonder about such tasty and cheap dishers!
How to get there and how much is cost?
We will meet at Yaroslavsky railway station between 10-11 o clock .
Take a train from Yaroslavsky railway station to Alexsandrov. It departs every hour (2 hour journey). In the Alexsandrov we wil get a taxi, it is cheap (100 rub/ person)
Return tikets 420 rub (Moscow-Alexsandrov)
Tickets to Sloboda 240 rub
Tickets to excursion to the Merchant Pervushin's Estate is 50 rub or with show — action 2400 rub for a group (10 person). So it is mean if there are 3 persons its cost 2400: 3= 800 rub /person.


Regular ticket 1500 ₽ per person

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You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.

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Directions to meet your guide

Yaroslavsky railway

How long your tour will be

8 hours

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