Off the Beaten Track Florence

Off the Beaten Track Florence

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2 hours

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  • Быстро сориентироваться в основных достопримечательностях и посмотреть на Флоренцию, как на живой город
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Have been to Florence thousand times? Got familiar to all the must see sights? Then let's see every day life of the city!

— What time do Italians wake up and why despite siesta Italian economy is still the third biggest in Europe?
— Why do Italians drink coffee standing at the bar, like in the cinema?
— How does the apartment of the local looks like?
— Where is the street art in the city center?
— How pricy is to live in Florence?
— How in the medieval city they solve the problem of parking places?
— Where to find the true Florentine street food?
— Where to buy the most tasty and fresh food in the city and special Florentine food?

To see and to fall in love with real Florence!

Tour in Russian
Offer for 1 person €55 per group
Offer for 2 persons €75 per group
Offer for 3 persons €120 per group
Offer for 4 persons €120 per group
Offer for 5 persons €150 per group
Offer for 6 persons €150 per group
What is included in activity:

Walking tour and excursion

What is not included:

Everything else

Activity schedule:

Every day, time to start is up to you

What places will you see:

- Local's apartment (mine) and the panoramic view to the city from its' terassa
- Central market
- Couple of libraries that work like cafes (!)
- The shop of true Italian and Florentine food where locals buy
- Street art by local artists and artists themselves
- Parking places hidden in the medieval buildings
- Other nice and unusual things that you never expect to see in medieval city

Activity book period:
You can book tour up to 23 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed:
English, Russian
Directions to meet your guide:

Piazza della Stazione

How long your tour will be:
2 hours
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