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Heraklion tour -Saturday market, Cretaquarium

Jule, 27 at 08:00
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8 hours
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English, Русский язык
Jule, 27 at 08:00
Отмена бесплатно за 72 часа
Предоплата не требуется, платите на месте
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Experience real aspects of the Heraklion everyday life

During ancient times at the place of modern Herakion was a roman port dedicated to Hercules — Greek Hero. When Saracens conquest Crete, they built here another town — Rabd el Handak. In 1204 was bought by Venetians which build enormous fortifications, most of which are still can be seen.

Heraklion City Sightseeing Tour, Creta Aquarium is a different excursion for those who wants to experience real aspects of the island’s everyday life. Our day starts with a stroll in the famous Heraklion open-air market, where dozens of peddlers offer their merchandise in very good prices.

A walk in Heraklion bazaar

Here we can find almost everything: food and fruit, clothes and shoes, household utensils, fabrics, folk art, sweets or anything else you can think of.
The smells,
the crowd,
the loud voices of the people selling their goods,
the vast variety,
the stalls,
the colors,
the fresh produce and the very good prices are bound to impress you.

Get to know the city of Heraklion

After our walk in the bazaar, we will have the chance to explore town of Heraklion. Of course, a walk of a single day is by no means enough for anyone to see and admire all the beauty of the city, but a stroll on its streets is going to surprise you in a pleasant way.
You are going to see a lot of monuments and buildings from different historical periods of Crete.
The Byzantium,
The Ottoman Empire,
The Venetian Rule have left their marks on Heraklion.

What you can admire in Heraklion.

Grab your cameras and take shots of what you like most.

You can admire the imposing fortress of Koules at the harbor,
the Venetian walls that surround the old city,
you can sit at one of the many restaurants or coffee shops in the Lions’ Square to enjoy your coffee or your lunch, or if you wish to,
you will be able to visit one of the many city museums, the Municipal Library and the Art Gallery or
one of the numerous byzantine churches.

Cretaquarium, the marine world of the Mediterranean

For those who wish to see something different, there is one more destination that you can choose for the rest of the day: the Cretaquarium.

Just a few kilometers away from Heraklion, there is a compound that combines research with technology and education with recreation so harmoniously that you feel like diving in a whole new world, the marine world of the Mediterranean.

In Cretaquarium we are going to admire various marine species, from small fish and clams to big sharks and tuna, all of which are indigenous of the Mediterranean. Our walk past the big tanks will be nothing less than impressive. The remarkable lighting and the constant water movement give us the impression that we are actually diving in another world.

After our tour, we can enjoy our coffee in the cafè of the building, looking at the magnificent view of the sea before we go back to our hotels.

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Основные увлечения - история, этнография, лингистика. Представляю одно из самый старых и опытных экскурсионных агентств острова. Экскурсионная программа, охватывает самые интересные места острова.

Heraklion Aquarium
per person
children 2-12
per person
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What is included in activity

Professional and Multilingual speaking guide.
Transfers with air-conditioned luxurious buses.
Free pick up service from any place between Malia – Agia Pelagia.

What is not included

Entrance to CretaAquarium for an adult (9.00€).
Entrance to CretaAquarium for a child 5-17 years old (6.00€)

Activity schedule

Every Saturday

What places will you see

Heraklion, fortress of Koules, Lion fountain, St. Marcus Cathedral, St. Titus Cathedral, Saturday market, Cretaquarium.

Activity book period
You can book tour up to 9 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed
English, Russian
Directions to meet your guide

The nearlest pick up point to your hotel

How long your tour will be
8 hours
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Jule, 27 at 08:00
Отмена бесплатно за 72 часа
Предоплата не требуется, платите на месте
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