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The beauties of West Crete

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The Venice of the East or mother of all the other Cretan cities

Leaving the mystical magic of the monastery and proceeding to the west, we arrive in Chania, the most ravishing and quaint city of Crete. Chania ceased to be Crete capital after 686 years, in 1971. It was an important Minoan city. It is considered to have been the “mother of all the other Cretan cities” by the ancient writers.

The city is divided in two sections: the Old City, where the gorgeous harbor is situated and the New City, which is located beyond its Venetian fortifications.

The Old City of Chania is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean and it is called “Venice of the East”.

Throughout the whole city of Chania we can witness samples of all the civilizations that have passed from here:

archaeological Minoan sites,
Turkish minarets and mosques,
Muslim neighborhoods,
Venetian fortresses and dockyards,
fountains and squares,
arches and mansions,
the famous Loggia
and of course the landmark of the city, the renowned Lighthouse.

We can enjoy our lunch admiring the view of the quaint harbor or we can visit the famous Agora (Market), which was constructed in 1913 according to the standards of the market in Marseille. Since then, it has been housing a variety of traditional little shops and taverns. Here we can shop souvenirs or leather goods in very good prices.

Between visits to Chania and Rethymno, we will make a stop for swimming and rest at Kournas lake — the unique freshwater lake on Crete. Here we can rent pedalos, swim or take a lunch (optional) in a local tavern with nice view over the lake. You will have a possibility to taste a real Cretan homemade food like lamb in the wooden oven, stuffed vegetables and etc.
Rethimnon, the third biggest town on Crete

Going back, we make a stop in the town of Rethimnon. Monuments of the archaeological, Ottoman and Venetian eras coexist, making the place extremely interesting for sightseeing. Have a stroll in the alleys of the old town, visit the Turkish minarets and the Venetian fortresses or just enjoy your coffee in the magnificent harbor of the town.

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Основные увлечения - история, этнография, лингистика. Представляю одно из самый старых и опытных экскурсионных агентств острова. Экскурсионная программа, охватывает самые интересные места острова.

West Crete
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What is included in activity

Professional and Multilingual speaking guide.
Transfers with air-conditioned luxurious buses.
Free pick up service from any place between Malia – Agia Pelagia.

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Lunch in the tavern ( optional)

Activity schedule

Every Tue, Fri

What places will you see

Town of Chania, Rethmyno, Kournas lake.

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You can book tour up to 9 hours in advance.
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English, Russian
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The nearlest pick up point to your hotel

How long your tour will be
12 hours
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