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Balos blue lagoon and Gramvousa - the pirate's island

September, 2 at 06:15
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16 hours
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На целый день мы отправимся в морское путешествие. Нашей главной целью будет посещение самых отдаленных мест острова Крит. Корабль доставит нас до голубой бухты Балос. Здесь часами можно наслаждаться нетронутой природой, купаться в море и любоваться богатым подводным миром. Дальше нас корабль отвезет на пиратский остров Грамвуса. На вершине неприступной скалы находится венецианская крепость. Каждый желающий может ее посетить. Подробнее
September, 2 at 06:15
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Driving to the west of the island, we make our first stop in a small coffee shop, where we have some time for our coffee or breakfast. Moving on, we drive past the city of Chania and after a while, we arrive at the port of Kissamos, where we set out for our trip.

During our boat trip, we have the chance to admire a vast cave — most likely an ancient shipyard, sea turtles or monk seals and of course, the dolphins of the area. We also witness an impressive geological phenomenon: the simultaneous lifting and sinking of the two sides of the island, where its western side rises up to 6-9 meters above the sea level.

Disembark at Gramvousa, the Pirates Island.

It got its reputation during the Revolution. It was used for 3 years as a base by 3,000 rebels, who had to become pirates, since it was the only way for them to get some food.

We are instantly blown away not only by the natural beauty of the place, but also by the dashing Venetian castle.

It prevails on the highest spot of the island, at the top of an extremely sheer cliff. The position of the castle is exceptionally strategic, as it protected the whole region of the northeastern Crete, while its size still impresses the visitors. The stunning view from its walls, its grandeur as well as the legend about hidden pirate treasures prompt us to visit it.

The broader area of Gramvousa forms one of the most significant hydro-biotopes of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Here we can encounter over 100 bird species and 400 plant species.

After our exploration of the area, we have plenty of time to enjoy our swim at the gorgeous beach with the wonderful colors, take a few shots of the famous shipwreck of the island or have lunch aboard (optional).

The Balos Lagoon, one of the loveliest places in Greece.

In the early afternoon, view of the lagoon is truly breathtaking.
Balos is renowned for

its numerous cacti,
its undergrowth,
its splendid beach,
its white sand,
its jade-green and turquoise waters,
its warm and shallow sea,
its wild natural beauty that bring us in mind exotic beaches in the Caribbean.

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Родился в 1969 году в Ижевске. В туризме с 1993 года. Проживаю и работаю гидом на острове Крит с 1997 года. Объездил весь остров и могу показать его с неизведанных сторон. За это время огромное количество туристов увидели остров моими глазами и полюбили его. Многие приезжают еще и еще.
Основные увлечения - история, этнография, лингистика. Представляю одно из самый старых и опытных экскурсионных агентств острова. Экскурсионная программа, охватывает самые интересные места острова.

Balos and Gramvousa
per person
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What is included in activity

Transportation with tourist comfortable coach to port of Kisamos.
English speaking guide during all day trip.
Free pick up from Malia till Agia Pelagia.

What is not included

Boat ticket from Kissamos to Balos and Gramvousa round trip:
Adults - 16 euro per person
Children 2- 12 yrs old 8 euros. (July and August only. Other months are free)
Ecological fee for every visitor from 12 yrs old -1 euro per person.

Activity schedule

every Wed and Sat pick up from 6.00am till 7.00

What places will you see

During this trip we you will see the Unique Lagoon of Balos, and will visit the old Venetian fortress Gramvousa. You will have enough time to swim in crystal waters and relax on the beautiful beach.

Activity book period
You can book tour up to 9 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed
English, Russian
Directions to meet your guide

The nearlest pick up point to your hotel

How long your tour will be
16 hours
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September, 2 at 06:15
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