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Tours in на Украине

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over 4 years ago
Absolutely fantastic! Couldn't recommend this tour enough. Andrey was in touch constantly right up until the tour which was reassuring. We had slightly more people than he normally allows, but this wasn't a problem, and he accommodated us perfectly. The first rooftop was the least challenging and was a lovely introduction to rooftopping Kiev. After this, a few of our group branched off and we went for a couple more challenging rooftops (although nothing too extreme!). Andrey org...
Night tour on the Kiev roofs

Filippo a.

over 5 years ago
thanks it was very fine,good occasion to know Kiev better and meet nice people
Introduction to Kiev: must see attractions

Lazar E.

over 5 years ago
Good spoken English, everything was great, so we had a nice time! :)
Introduction to Kiev: must see attractions


over 5 years ago
Thanks for this tour! I learned a lot about the city where I usually don't have much time to look around. So from now I will see Kiev like with new eyes! :) Alena, I wish you success with your work and I hope that you will make a lot of other tours in which I would also be glad to participate!
Introduction to Kiev: must see attractions

Mackay S.

over 5 years ago
I want to thank Helen for all of her hard work and dedication)). This was one of the best times I've had in Kiev! I really appreciate her knowledge of this beautiful city and have gained a whole new perspective now. I hope we can do this again!!! A+++ Mackay Scanland San Clemente, CA
Introduction to Kiev: must see attractions


about 4 years ago
Julia knows everything about history of buildings and a lot of secrets about paths! It was very plaisant and we did not feel the fact that we spent 3h in the streets! I learnt a lot about the city i live in for 3 years.
Hidden gems of Kiev


over 5 years ago
What a cool 'tour'! More like hanging out with some chill Ukrainian friends out in the country. As a first time visitor to Kyiv (and not speaking any Ukrainian or Russian), I never would have been able to have such a great experience on my own. Knowing this tour was booked through Sputnik, I knew the safety and quality were there. And they were. Unexpected was the easy friendships with other Ukrainians and Russians. We laughed. We ate. We drank. We played foosball (OK, we LOST at foos...
Soviet Dacha Tour (BBQ!)

Aleksey I.

over 2 years ago
Одесса без купюр