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almost 4 years ago
I have taken many other tours in St. Petersburg but this is a very unique and interesting one! Alex is second to none not only in the types of food of Central Asia, but also in the history and culture of this area that is little known to most western tourists. We visited a very authentic food market on Vasilievsky Island and we had a great lunch in a nearby restaurant. Alex is very friendly and a great company! Many thanks Alex!
Introduction to Uzbek food on Vasilievsky Island

Lawrence H.

almost 7 years ago
She knows a lot of different types of bars that serve some really great unique drinks. Fun to hang out with too!
One more or enough? (Pubcrawl)

Lawrence H.

almost 7 years ago
The guide was very knowledgeable of Russian and SPB culture, and layout of the city. She is friendly and helpful, and I would definetly go on her tour again.
Wild Russia: Guidelines for Dummies

Aneta M.

almost 7 years ago
Thanks for the tour Katya - it was really interesting! It's great to be shown St. Petersburg by a knowledgeable local! Strongly recommended!
The Orthodox St. Petersburg

Rita R.

almost 7 years ago
Olga is very wonderful Russian teacher! She is very kind and patience and tell me how to pronounce the viberate tone even send me a email to teach me. You know , viberate tone is very hard for Chinese people! Olga try to teach Russian in a real scenarios and help you order something in Russian by yourself in a cafe. It is a very interesting and useful tour and lesson. It deserve to join~ Thanks! Olga
Russian language tour

Rosanna T.

almost 7 years ago
Nice n responsible tour guide who gave very detailed information;)n u can find sth more special than visiting those usual attractions. Yes,we r tourist.but we can act like a local in this tour;) Rosanna
SPB Informal Places

Alan B.

over 6 years ago
Vladimir.....I can't imagine our trip to St petersburg being complete without meeting you and visiting the metro palaces. You did a wonderful job exposing us to the beauty and art housed deep below the city. You knowledge of history and the relationship of the metro stations was so educational. Thanks for adding such a unique adventure to our visit. Everyone coming to St p should take your tour
Metro Palaces

Hillary N.

over 6 years ago
The metro palaces tour was great. Vladimir was very knowledgeable on the subject and made us see the stations in a different way. We have done lots of tours in many places and this one ranked as one of our favorites. Vladimir was also very accommodating to our schedule.
Metro Palaces
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