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Daniel d.

over 5 years ago
Very reliable friendly Driver. Fast Response time. Can only recommend.
Airport / Railroad passenger terminal transfer (Taxi in SPb)


over 1 year ago
Vodka is not that simple as you might have thought! The "vodka tour" was a charming way both to learn and to taste. The place for testing chosen by Vladimir was really cosy, elegent, and... food was really tasty and he went in depths about the history of the spirit itself, explaining us how the production technology drammatically changed in the time of the last Russian emperor. We were lucky to have a sip of authentic vodka produced according to the old technology and to compare it with the n...
White magic of Russia: introductory vodka-tasting

Tim H.

over 5 years ago
Really interesting and enjoyable tour. Evgeniya is very knowledge and a wonderful tour guide. Highly recommended!!
Subway Tour

Kathleen H.

over 5 years ago
Olga was an exceptional guide. She is extremely knowledgeable on the city's history and culture, providing an informative and education tour. However, what makes Olga extra special is how warm, friendly, and welcoming she is. If you have time, I highly recommend a tour with Olga through the great city of Moscow!
Visit to Kremlin and walking tour in Moscow city-center

Prashantt R.

almost 3 years ago
Bus tour to Peterhof


almost 3 years ago
Our tour with Vlada was so fun. We went to many spots in St. Petersburg like cafes, stores, a market, went to the roof of a museum, she helped us navigate buying tickets at the Metro ticket station for a hockey game. We were so glad to have an afternoon of adventure with Vlada! Highly recommend anyone who wants to see some different places and talk to a local about their city.
Private tour of St. Petersburg

Prashantt R.

almost 3 years ago
Bus tour to Pushkin (Catherine Palace)
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