Mystical two-day tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat with hotel and meals

48 h.
Group size up to 15 persons
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
English, Русский язык
Погрузись в атмосферу таинственной Чернобыльской Зоны за два дня. Узнай всё о том что произошло во время трагедии на самом деле. Куда делись все те люди которые здесь жили? Что стало с покинутыми городами после более чем 30-ти лет? После этой поездки ты уже не будешь прежним, мы тебе это гарантируем. А как тебе ночь в самом Чернобыле? Такой ночки у тебя явно ещё не было. Помимо основных локаций наши гиды-сталкеры увезут тебя в глубину Зоны и покажут места, о которых ты даже не догадывался!
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Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
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Do you want to feel like a real stalker ?! This is exactly what you were looking for!

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the mysterious Chernobyl Zone.
Find out everything about what actually happened during the tragedy.
Where have all those people who lived here gone? What happened to the abandoned cities after more than 30 years?
After this trip, you will not be the same, we guarantee it.

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Official tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat.
Experience in organizing tours to the Chernobyl zone - over 8 years. Thousands of grateful clients who have become our friends. During this time, citizens of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Israel, Finland, Belarus and other states have used our services.


07.20 — 07.50
Meet with our team at 28 Simon Petlyura Street, Kiev, Ukraine. It is a parking lot of the Stolichny department store in 5-minute walk from the Central railway station.

Don`t be late and prepare your passport, you'll have to check the documents before sending, we need to be sure that everything is right. And then everything is simple - take a place on board our "time machine", it will take you to the USSR.

If you have time you can get acquainted with the other members of the group. After this trip they will become almost native, together we will pass an unusually interesting path. And he begins already on the bus - video materials about ChEZ will load you into another reality. We will make one stop, you can have a snack, drink a cup of coffee, tea, tune in to meetings with one of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century

Our "time machine" arrives at the first checkpoint of the zone - checkpoint "Dityatki" Here you will understand what is the object of state security. Your documents will be carefully check by officers of special services. You will be introduce to the rules of conduct in the Chernobyl zone. You should listen to attentively It`s our advice. You are crossing the border of a 30-km zone. The next stop is Chernobyl.Are you ready??
We are settling in one of the hotels. Are you surprised? There are three hotels here. They are working. The ghost town is not so dead ... Several thousand people work and live here: police, administration, post office, shops, cafeterias. Were you expecting to see empty streets, abandoned houses, ghosts round the corner ? Everything is ahead. Just do not lag behind our guide. He will show you the museum of robots and the museum of techniques, which took part in the elimination of the consequences of the accident. And you will touch on April 26 so much that you want to run away. But there is still a monument to "Those who saved the world", an alley of memory of the villages left behind after the Chernobyl accident, the streets, houses, people, in whose faces you will look particularly closely. Take photos and fly on. We'll come back here again.
Checkpoint “Leviv” + village of Kopachy.
We are on the border of a 10-km zone. Another checkpoint, another check. Yes, it takes time. But make peace - do not get here just like that. The first "settlement" in the 10th is the village of Kopachi. Only 4 km separate it from ChNPP. Imagine what happened here on the day of the explosion? Houses were sheltered with emissions and radiation, like a veil. Later he was buried. In the literal sense of the word - they filled the earth with the roof. Only a couple of buildings survived. Be prepared to see a kindergarten with abandoned toy and abandoned rooms. Do you remember your kindergarten? ..
ChNPP is a symbol of the industrial and technological power of the USSR
They can not be ignored. They are huge. It`s gigantic. Buildings of unfinished cooling towers, the 5th and the 6th units of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Stone idols that inspire a feeling ... no, not a fear ... of their own helplessness and enthusiasm by the human mind that invented and constructed it. You will still have the opportunity to get to know them more closely. On the left of you - units number 1, number 2 and number 3, the of each power of each of them was 1000 MW. For cooling pond was built to cool the operating reactors, which has become the home of huge catfish. By the way, have you grabbed the bread? You will have the opportunity to feed these Chernobyl monsters. Do you want to see the place where death came from? The same power unit number 4. At the observation deck you will be separated from the epicenter of the explosion of only 150 meters. Yes, now it is securely hidden under two sarcophagi, old and new. The new, safe confinement (NSC-Arc), for which the construction held 9 years and 2.15 billion euros, must contain radiation for the next hundred years. And yet - just 150 meters ... do you feel this? …..

"Black Pearl" - the city of Pripyat
Remember any movie about life on the Earth after the Apocalypse. Here you will find yourself in such a tape. But the first thing that will cause ants - "Red Forest". The forest, which took on the first wave of radioactive emissions. Pripyat has already behind the bridge. Ghost city. The city, which only 30 years ago was one of the most modern in the Union, was empty in one day. The accident simply wiped them off, leaving 13.5 thousand apartments empty. There are no places where there is a lack of energy, we warned about it even before the departure. The time has stopped here, and you are standing in the center of the funnel. On these streets cars rushed away. There were alarm sounds in this air. These doors were closed to castles, which were then torn by scammers. Underwear was washed in the yards, some ropes for him were hanging around. The Palace of Culture "Energetik", a supermarket, a city executive committee, a cafe, which did not even have time to get the name ... It was all And no more. Only emptiness and nuclear tourists. Don`t stop. Pripyat waited for the opening of a new amusement park on May 1, 1986. We will visit him. We'll see a damn wheel, roundabouts, rides. They did not have a single child. The music school with a broken piano, a river port, a school, a cafe "Pripyat" with remnants of furniture, a swimming pool, a stadium, a secret plant of Jupiter, from the roof of the 16-story in the city center are visible radar antennas (they will be the next item on the map of our route). More than 20 objects will plunge you into the past, and only one question will be struck in your head: "What ?!" How could such a thing happen? The fates of hundreds of thousands of people have been destroyed, the pain of this place is higher than any other. Many people forget to even take pictures, so plunge into their thoughts ... From Pripyat, nobody returns to the former. Strange, but by this death, this city teaches to love and appreciate every moment of life.

Chernobyl-2: secret of object of the USSR - ZGRLS "Duga"
Chernobyl-2 is a secreted city, which began to be marked on the map only after the collapse of the USSR. A military camp whose purpose was to serve the gigantic super-secret military complex ZGRLS "DUGA-1". More than 1,000 soldiers and officers lived and worked there. On the map, however, this place was designated as a "children's camp" What is the complex? The "Duga" (5H32) is two gigantic antennas, the top of which rests, it seems, straight into the sky, and which were created to alert the threat from the air. Thanks to its size, the antennas could track high-flying targets at a distance of 900 to 3000 km.
We return to Chernobyl,have dinner in the cafe "Ten".
What will be your night in the Exclusion Zone? Can you sleep? .

Breakfast, Lunch

A two-day tour to the Chernobyl zone - this is not a standard "bus" excursion, where you get acquainted with "sights".
I am sure that on the first day all the participants of the trip had time to get acquainted and found common language, so that we plan together the second day.
Of course, our guides help and suggest the most profitable routes and objects to visit.

And so, where to go back:
The city of Pripyat
On the first day we visited a lot of locations, but believe, there are places that could excite your consciousness. We will tell you what, and you will be able to make cool photos.

Chernobyl NPP the Third Stage, Unfinished Units #5 and #6 (outside).
ChNPP was not completed completely. You know about this, and today it will be possible to see how the crowd of the station was created. The Fifth power unit was ready for delivery by 80%. Under the sixth was just a pit excavated. We will cut them around the perimeter and even look inside. Just imagine how many forces and resources have been invested in this construction ...
Unfinished Cooling towers (inside and outside).
You should visit this place at least because of its size. They are huge. Being here (and you`ll get inside the buildings), it`s hard to believe that it was created by a person. And you`ll also see the famous graffiti of the Italian artist Guido von Helten.

Abandoned experimental base of radiobiology.
The base stands on the bank of the pond of the cooler not far from the cooling towers. Previously in the laboratories conducted research on the effect of ionizing radiation on biological objects. After the accident all researches stopped, all the equipment and preparations remained in the laboratory. The base is ready to share with you your findings ...

Artificial Pond Cooling Plant of the NPP
Here you will know what is the danger besides the giant soms, carries an artificial lake in it.Its depth in some places reach 10 meters. There are many mysteries here ...Want more details? Welcome! ...

Railway station "Yanov" (the visit depends on the date of the tour)
Chernobyl, of course, was connected to the system of railways of the Union. You can visit the station Yanov, which took passenger trains. The last of them, following the route Moscow-Khmelnytsky, stopped in April 1986 here.Now the platform is empty. Trains do not go at all here.Only a couple of locomotives are left on the rails.A sad sight. Smutny widok.

The village of Paryshev, Opacici (communication with dump trucks)
Although it is accepted to consider that the CHZO is deserted and unsuitable for life, you have already become convinced that this is a myth. Here you will find more than this confirmation. How can live in the forbidden zone? A few kilometers from the deadly danger. Live in fact in the wild, where the ambulance and firefighter will not arrive, where the minimum of neighbours, where nature buys, but people died out? You can ask the self-settlers about this. After all, all have found the strength to leave their native places. Many, very many stayed or returned shortly after resettlement.
Interview with the staff of the Institute for Nuclear Safety of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the city of Chernobyl.
About CEOs there are many myths and regularly appear rumors, which are speculated by all who are not lazy. You can hear the most accurate and truthful news about the state of the reactors, about life in the Exclusion Zone, ask questions about the causes and consequences of the tragedy, and find out what and how the Zone lives today in conversation with those who explore this territory on the spot.

Chernobyl-2 military campus + radar "Duga-1" administrative building
Military closed cities were scattered all over the Union. But there were not that many. Object of state security of high secrecy. Today you have access to it. You can walk along the only street of the town Kurchatov St., look into the soldiers' barracks and most importantly - the administrative building, where they flocked and where they were fixed signals from giant antennas, on which depended the life and security of a huge country, and the world as a whole.

Radiological monitoring.
Leaving the Zone of Alienation, you will go through the radiological control. This is required. Special devices will scan you and your things, and you with a quiet conscience - radiation remained for the checkpoint - you will sit down the bus. Radiation remained. But thoughts, emotions, impressions will remain forever. They will make you think about so many things. This extreme tour will not let you stay the same.

19.00-19.30 p.m (The next day) We return to Kiev, district railway station.

The excursion program can be changed depending on the duration of daylight hours, weather conditions and at the direction of the administration of ChEZ

Mystical two-day tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat with hotel and meals
7136 ₽
per person
For any payment method you must book a ticket through the booking form below and receive confirmation by e-mail and (or) SMS.
What is included in activity

• Full-scale visit to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
• Transportation with AC, TV
• Meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch)
• Overnight hotel stay
• Insurance
• Preparation of permits required to visit the Zone
• Permits to visit the 30-km zone
• Permits to visit the 10-km zone
• Permits to visit the town of Pripyat
• Permits to a visit over-the-horizon radar station “Duga-1”
• Professional English-speaking guid
• Photo and video permits

What is not included

• Personal expenses
• Rent of a dosimeter - 200 UAH

Activity schedule

Every saturday at 7:20 a.m

What places will you see

- Chernobyl
- Pripyat
- Observation deck of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
- Chernobyl-2: secret of object of the USSR - ZGRLS "Duga"
- Chernobyl NPP the Third Stage, Unfinished Units #5 and #6 (outside)
- Unfinished Cooling towers (inside and outside)
- Checkpoint “Leviv”
- Abandoned experimental base of radiobiology
- Artificial Pond Cooling Plant of the NPP
- Railway station "Yanov" (the visit depends on the date of the tour)
- The village of Paryshev, Opacici (communication with dump trucks)
- Chernobyl-2 military campus + radar "Duga-1" administrative building

Activity book period
You can book tour up to 10 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed
English, Russian
Directions to meet your guide

Kiev, st. Simon Petlyura 28

How long your tour will be
48 h.
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7136 ₽
per person
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
No prepayment is required, pay directly to guide
All payment methods
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