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Chernobyl, Pripyat

Winter in Cherbobyl

Our guide's Kirill  dream came true  - he has visited Pripyat (city in Chernobyl zone) in winter . He talk about it below. 

The walk turned out not very long lasting, but the weather was awesome: blue sky and radiant, pre-spring sunshine. All my previous visits to this town took place in the summer when the buildings are drowning in leaves and branches. So Pripyat just looks like a big  abandoned  garden. On the basis of other people's pictures - the best atmosphere here is in late fall or when the snow melts. And the sun also gives joy panoramas. As for me leaden clouds are better for the atmosphere. 
I did not see any sense in the paid tours. Winter tours are not my favorites, I don't love Chernobyl so much)) Therefore, when I was asked to roll in Pripyat and just pay for fuel, I was overjoyed.

Just couple winter photos:

1. My favorite house - Lenina street 32/13. With built-in store "Rainbow" on the ground floor

2. Famous payphone

3. Awesome!

4. Most ordinary pictures. Thousands of them in the internet.

5. Kurchatova  street

If you also want to talk with Kirill about the visit to Chernobyl - please, write him trough his personal page

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