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ON-LINE real-time walk through Belgrade

1 h.
Group size up to 99 persons
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
English, Русский язык
Children allowed
The guide will conduct a tour in the city on the route live
Мы с вами в прямом эфире прогуляемся по столице самой дружественной нам страны Европы, увидим ее наиболее интересные и красочные места, узнаем пару неожиданных исторических фактов, и посмотрим, чем живут жители Белграда сегодня. Сейчас Белград сияет сказочными украшениями и светиться новогодними огнями. И вместе мы окунемся в эту атмосферу праздника и волшебства. Это живая экскурсия в прямом эфире, не видеозапись. Я проведу её из центра Белграда. Вы можете сидеть на диване, пить чай или вино и даже заниматься домашними делами :)
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You can book this tour for your group, where it will be only you and the guide
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You can book this tour for your group, where it will be only you and the guide
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We will take a live walk through the capital of Europe’s friendliest country, see its most interesting and colorful places, find out a couple of unexpected historical facts, and see what the people of Belgrade live today.

In our route:

— to see the major city square — Republic square. Outstanding architecture and amazing stories of the past

— to walk the main pedestrian street of Knes Mikhailov. This is the tourist center of the city, always full of a bustling crowd of citizens, with cafes and shops on every corner

— to get acquainted with Serbian Peter the Great — King Petar I. A street in his name will give us an acquaintance with Serbian coffee houses and restaurants, and I will tell you what Serbs drink and eat, and why everyone is so crazy about Serbian cuisine!

— Go back almost 200 years and see the oldest kafana of the city, which is still operates today. This is a traditional Serbian restaurant and traditional Serbian coffee. Well, let's have a cup of real Serbian coffee?

— knock heels on the cobblestone pavement of the most Serbian part of Belgrade — Kosancichev Venats. Here we will see buildings with unusually European architecture of the late 19th century, I will show you what it is like — the Serbian character, and we will immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the old city with beautiful views.

— walk along the fortifications of the Belgrade fortress and look at the Danube. I will talk about the Romans and the Goths, Turks and Austrians. A minimum of boring numbers, a maximum of interesting stories. And most importantly — juicy views, for which almost the whole city comes here every evening!

Прямой эфир
per person
per person
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What is included in activity

You will receive a one-time 15% discount on any of my offline excursions. See you in Belgrade!

What is not included

No extra expenses

What places will you see

- Republic square
- the main pedestrian street of Knez Mikhailov
- King Petar I. street
- the oldest kafana of the city
- Kosanchichev Venats
- Belgrade fortress

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You can book tour up to 0 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed
English, Russian
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How long your tour will be
1 h.
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Igori b.
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/ €5.99
per person
You can book this tour for your group, where it will be only you and the guide
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