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Batumi - Babylon of the Black Sea Coast

Clock 3 hours
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On following of an excursion route ancient photos of those buildings which you can see will be shown. Photo from my personal archive. You learn unknown and little-known history of Batumi. You will walk on one of the main sights of Batumi – the boulevard. It is a peculiar card of the city, his face, its beauty and pride. Join history of churches and mosques. You will walk on avenues on which Bulgakov, Yesenin, Paustovsky, Mandelstam, Vysotsky liked to walk … You will see the best restaurants and cafe at which for you will prepare unique Batumi coffee, will give refined dishes according to own recipes the chief of the cook. Traditional Adzharian khachapuris and juicy khinkalis are a local business card to the tourist. During the excursions you will have the opportunity to ...

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Batumi is one of the most ancient cities of Georgia. As well as any other city, it has the unique lines, the color inherent in only its streets, buildings, traditions, people. The city — the internationalist, the city in which not only refer and lines of cultures of the East and the West were reflected, but having connected, made a whole, harmoniously supplementing, and enriching each other.

Batumi of the second half XIX and the beginnings of the XX century can call Babylon of the Black Sea coast rightfully. Here interests of many countries of the world met. This city was awarded with the visit by historic figures from the different parties of a planet. Among them there were tsars and imperial grandees, ministers and royal persons of some European countries, poets and diplomats, industrialists and bankers. They visited the Alexander Garden, went on avenues of the Batumi boulevard. Traces of their presence at Batumi remained not only on the archival sheets which have turned yellow from time with the faded ink. These traces — century trees, the silent giants growing today in the Batumi park and in the boulevard. They are live witnesses of the past era. I carried out their landing both the Russian Emperor Alexander III and the Empress Maria Fiodorovna, Nikolay II, ministers of the imperial yard Yermolov, Vyshnegradsky, Ants, the Exarch of Georgia Nikon, the prince Vorontsov-Dashkov, the prince Oldenburgsky, the king of Italy Victor Emmanuil of III …

Here each stone has the history, it is necessary only to learn to notice them, attentively to peer, and then stones "will start talking" and will tell you about much …

You will see Old and New Batumi, you learn about the city and its history, about what aboriginals at all don't suspect. You will see the city eyes of travelers of the past and you will adjoin to its present.


Regular ticket $40 per group

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Услуги гида, транспорт

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You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.

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English, Russian

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Batumi, near the entrance to the hotel "Intourist" on the street. Ninošvili

How long your tour will be

3 hours

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