The most amazing corner of Europe. Mountine Adjara, Black Sea coast

The most amazing corner of Europe. Mountine Adjara, Black Sea coast

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Adjara, Batumi's Black Sea coast. These places have been shrouded in myths and legends, glorified by the legendary Homer. They wrote about ancient and medieval authors, European travelers and our compatriots. Here, in perfect harmony intertwined greatness of the Alps, the subtle beauty of the Riviera and the architectural monuments of ancient and medieval history of this amazing region. At all times these places have the attractive force, and once having tasted it was impossible to forget this paradise on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

During a trip to the mountainous Adjara you can see not only the monuments and learn about their history together with the historical description of the edges. Issues that had pioneers-researchers, will be announced during the trip: "when you look at the height of mountains mysterious Dahl, merges with far from Heaven by sea, or you among the abandoned ruins, inadvertently raises the question of who lived here before? Who built those towers, who defended himself in these fortresses, prayed in churches? Whose boats plied the great distance of this wondrous sea, nagging is not always hospitable shores? Anyone with anxiety and hope kept away the white wings of the sails, who admired the variety and the lush beauty of sunsets? Who rejoiced and suffered under the sky? So you want to raise the curtain of the distant past, float mentally back centuries, presenting the paintings of former life in the imagination of this wonderful country. "

You will get answers on these questions.

Guided tours at the beginning of the story about the history of origin of Batumi from the date of the first written mention of it in the work of Aristotle in the 4th century BC.

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услуги гида, транспорт

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обед, вход в крепость

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English, Russian
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Batumi, Ninošvili street

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7 hours
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