Excursion to Ivolginsky datsan+sources

Мне, как аутентичному экскурсоводу и историку по образованию, особенно приятно показать духовную буддийскую Мекку Сибири, где здравствует нетленное тело Хамбо Ламы. Экскурсионная программа направлена на то, чтобы познакомить с богатым культурно-историческим наследием тибетского буддизма и актуальной в современной жизни буддийской философией. Вы узнаете тибетские практики и по желанию познакомитесь мини-шаманским обрядом.
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The Shaman Mountains are a special and exclusive route for those who love and appreciate natural nature.
Since ancient times, it has been a place of power, where rituals were performed and offerings to spirits were made.
1. Mount Bayan Tugad (Generous peacock) is a mystical place.
Our first stop will start from the mountain, which is impossible not to notice on the way to the Ivolginsky Datsan and the Tapkhar plateau.
This beautiful mountain was also described by A.P. Okladnikov. as an ancient site of the first man, where petroglyphs were discovered in a cave. Learn the history of the origin of the name of the sacred mountain and its legends.
2. Headquarters of Genghis Khan
Our route in Tapkhara will start from the plateau of Genghis Khan's rock garden. This cult place is overgrown with unearthly legends and in its painting is not inferior to the famous natural monuments.
3. Sopka Singing Arrow
This hill is also called Mount Byk for its external resemblance to this animal.
This place keeps in itself the past history of the Hunnic tribes and the continuation of the tradition of nomadic peoples. You will see a magnificent bird's-eye view of the Selenga River and learn the ancient history of the Singing Arrow hill.
You will learn how the Buryat kulaks were engaged in farming, and why collective farms collapsed and how modern nomads are now engaged in cattle breeding.
4. Lunch
5. A fell with deer
This rocky hill is one of the favorite places for tourists and townspeople on the days of significant events such as weddings, graduations, as the viewpoint opens up a stunning panorama of the city and its surroundings.
6. Geser's parking lot
A sacred place of power, where you will learn about the heroic deeds of the national hero. We will make offerings and learn to pray in the Buryat way, open the way for new knowledge and travel

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