Vesuvius, the killer

Везувий считается одним из самых опасных вулканов Европы. С ним связана гибель античных римских городов Помпеи и Геркуланума. Мы поднимемся к самому его жерлу и увидим как он дышит. Я раскрою вам все интересные факты о нем. Мы насладимся чудесными видами на Амальфитанское побережье, острова, Неаполь и даже Аппеннины.
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We will go to Vesuius first by train. Then by bus by serpentine road we will reach the entrance to the national park. We will talk about archaeological finds, legends and the significance of the volcano in culture. You will learn about the dead cities and the last eruption, the features of the local flora and fauna, as well as folk signs associated with Vesuvius. And you will also see traces of lava where vegetation has not yet recovered.

In order to look inside the crater it will be necessary to work a little bit, the height of the volcano is 1280 meters, from the height of 1000 m, the last part of the way, is a 20-minute hike to Vesuvius summit. But, up there, you will have breathtaking sensation from the beauty and from a little bit of fear. It is surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Naples and the bay, Sorrento and the island of Capri, island Ischia and Phlegraean fields. When you stand at the crater of an active volcano and inhale the smoky air, everything trembles inside from the feeling of the grandeur of the natural elements, and the amazing panorama makes you dizzy.

Vesuvius is the largest and unique active volcano in Europe. Now the volcano is in a phase of sleep, and while he is sleeping, we can admire it. But Unfortunately, this is one of the most dangerous volcanoes, which brought a sad but immortal glory to the Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabia and Oplonti.

Excursion to Vesuvius can also be combined with a walk through Naples — after all, the volcano is a symbol of this city! But can be also Pomeii-Vesuvius tour, Herculanium-Vesuvius tour, Vesuvius-wine and food testing tour.

Without the guide Vesuvius is like a dumb guy :)

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We spend an average of 1.5 hours on the crater. When we arrive at a height of 1000 m, then we need to walk on a slope, it is 900 m, it takes an average of 30 minutes. We will walk on the crater for another half an hour, and 30 minutes we will spent on the descent.

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