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Sputnik partner program

Do you have a website, blog or forum about travel and tourism? Are you looking for interesting and appealing content for it? Give your visitors an opportunity to browse through hundreds exciting tours and earn 40% of our income from each ticket sold through your web-page!

Sign up as a partner

Partner program

Who can become our partner?

Any person or company working within or interested in the travel industry.

Our partner program is suitable for:

  • websites about travel and tourism
  • popular blogs and forums
  • booking websites
  • travel agencies
  • local travel and tourism councils
  • guides and tour operators associations
  • private guides

Partner program terms and conditions

While working with our partner program you are free to use following types of advertising:

  • banner and buttons advertising Sputnik
  • text links
  • promotional articles and other materials motivating your visitors to buy our tours

Please, check out the regulations for partner instruments:

  • The link should be direct, with no hidden redirects.
  • The advertising must be carried out according to principles of business ethics (when it comes to materials and instruments).
  • The advertising must not violate the laws of Russian Federation.
  • You must not spread your link or promotional code using spam.

How much do you get?

We’ll share with you 40% of the income that we get from each tour; our fee is 20% percent of the tour price.

How does it work?

After you registered as a partner, you get access to a “partner program” section in your dashboard. Click on the dropdown menu next to your photo in the top panel and you’ll see the option “partner link”.

This link could lead to a main website page or a city/category/tour page on our website and contains your unique partner number. Right-click on the link to copy it.

How do we estimate sales?

For estimating the sales that originate from your web-site we use partner identification numbers and cookies.

Partner identification numbers are unique for each partner. They are added to the original page links that you place on your website.

For example, a text link with a partner identification number looks like this: https://www.sputnik8.com?ref=X. This combination — ?ref= — shows that the visitor comes from the partner website, and X is a unique partner identification number (represents the exact website where the visitor comes from). This information along with the information about bookings is saved in cookies.

We keep it in cookies for 30 days. As long as a visitor from your website books a ticket within this period, you will get your money!

How do I track my sales data?

You can access your sales data on our web-site by clicking “partner program” in your dashboard. We also provide instruments for tracking bookings, commission charges and payments. Based on these statistics you can optimize your advertising strategy and earn more!

How do I get my money?

You can request a money transfer at any time but no more than once a month. We will transfer your balance using following payment methods: WebMoney, PayPal or bank transfer. Minimum transfer amount is 1500 rub.

You can request payment by clicking on the “get commission charge” button that becomes available once you have a minimum transfer amount.

How do I become a partner right now?

Register on our web-site and activate “partner program” in your dashboard. Get visitors, inspire them to check out our offers, and start earning right now!

Sign up as a partner

The changes of the partner program terms and conditions can only be applied after notification of participants by email 14 days prior to the date of provisional change.Still have a question? Ask us: partners@sputnik8.com.