This describes the resources that make up the official Sputnik8 API. Join Partner Program and get your API key and username from API tools section.


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Ресурс Описание
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/cities/:city_id/categories Returns array of categories of a given city, specified by ID


Ресурс Описание
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/cities Returns an array of cities
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/cities/:id Returns extended information of a given city, specified by ID


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GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/countries Returns an array of countries
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/countries/:id Returns extended information of a given country, specified by ID


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GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/emails/generate/activity_list_email Returns email html with activity list


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GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/events Returns an array of events
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/events/updated Returns the array of events between till attribute and current time
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/events/:id Returns information of a given event, specified by ID


Ресурс Описание
POST api.sputnik8.com/v1/orders Creates an order
POST api.sputnik8.com/v1/orders/:id/pay Pay an order
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/orders/:id Show order
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/orders/:id/confirmation_doc Show order confirmation_doc
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/orders List orders
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/orders/updated List of last orders from current time
PUT api.sputnik8.com/v1/orders/:id/cancel Cancel order


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GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/products Returns an array of updated products
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/products/not_available Returns an array of unavailable product ids
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/products/:id Returns extended information of a given product, specified by ID


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GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/sights Returns an array of sights


Ресурс Описание
GET api.sputnik8.com/v1/products/updated Returns an array of products, updated since last request. requires permission to use