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Dear Traveller. Welcome to St Petersburg!
This is a short overview of tours we offer on Sputnik. Please read.

The Classics of St Petesburg

If you want to enjoy the classics of St Petersburg, we recommend you to visit Hermitage , take a personal tour of city center and have a day trip to Peterhof , Versailles of Russian Royal family. These are what you learn about St Petersburg in every guidebook.

Very Russian experience

Even though Russians consider St Petersburg to be the most "Western" looking city of Russia. It is still part of Russia. Especially for international travelers.
There are two very Russian things to do: dacha and banya experience in summer and drinking vodka with real locals all year round. Dacha is a bit pricey, but vodka is very cheap.

Off the beaten track or St Petersburg of Today

If you want to take a look at other side of St Petersburg, we have tours for you as well.
a) Roof top tour is a must. Very unique experience with beautiful panorama of the historical center.
b) Explore cultural spaces for young people where modern culture is emerging. You will find many art galleries, restaurants, bars and local shops.
c) And of course we have a bike tour for all bike lovers.

Foodies section

Russian food is not famous in the world. But there is interesting food in the city.
First of all, Uzbek food. There is huge Uzbek immigrant community and they have unique culinary traditions. So please, sign up for Uzbek food tour .
Other very unique and tasty cuisine is Georgian. And Georgian restaurants are scattered all over St Petersburg. Good but pricey restaurant is Mamalyga which is located next to Kazansky cathedral.
For Russian food I would personally recommend you to visit Vkus Est restaurant. They serve so called New Russian cuisine and cook using "local" ingredients from all over Russia.

Lighter Alexandr Kim,
founder of this website.

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Reviews about tours in Saint Petersburg
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t t t t t

I really enjoyed my tour to St Petersburg with Igor.
He was able to tailor my tour to include a comprehensive historical tour of Dostoevsky's St Petersburg.

The tour was very detailed, yet flexible.

St Petersburg is a great city with so much history, I plan to return again one day.

About activity Two-day individual tour: The Hermitage and Saint Petersburg downtown 5 days ago
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t t t t t

Great tour, we really enjoyed getting to see places we wouldn't have been able to find on our own. Vlada is really cool and knowledgeable!

About activity Historical restaurants and bars 16 days ago
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Eduardo M.

t t t t t

A palace that no visitor to Saint Petersburg should miss. The English guide was excellent, we visited all the important spots. The only negative: the Palace does not allow taking pictures inside - memories fade and a picture speaks a thousand words.

About activity Peterhof 18 days ago
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t t t t t

It was really enjoyable, the guide was very friendly and it gave me an idea of the real side of the cities life!

About activity Roof top tour in St Petersburg 19 days ago
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t t t t t

Our tour with Vlada was so fun. We went to many spots in St. Petersburg like cafes, stores, a market, went to the roof of a museum, she helped us navigate buying tickets at the Metro ticket station for a hockey game. We were so glad to have an afternoon of adventure with Vlada! Highly recommend anyone who wants to see some different places and talk to a local about their city.

About activity Private tour of St. Petersburg 26 days ago
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t t t t t

I really loved the Rooftop tour! I stayed in Saint Petersburg for 8 days and I am really happy that I was able to join. It was really something amazing to experience! Because of the hight I felt kind of scared but our guide was really patient and he took good care of the whole group. I highly recommand this tour for everyone!

About activity Roof top tour in St Petersburg about 1 month ago