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Our individual tour with Andrey was great. In the days leading up to the tour he was extremely prompt and helpful with providing suggestions forwhat wewould wantto see he in Moscow. Our tour provided a real locals perspective on Moscow.

4 months ago

Simon S.

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I was really interested in the history of Cold War and decided to book with my friends a full-day excursion. It was amazing!
Maxim knows the places, the history and interesting facts about Cold War and it's weapons. He knows, how it works. The air-defence buildings are really fascinating! Spheric radars, that he showed us almost made me crazy! =)
You can feel the atmosphere of those times, feel it with your own skin. This excursion is really worth trying. If you have an interest in abandoned places, you should remember, that those soviet era buildings won't be waiting for you forever.
Maxim, thank you a lot!

5 months ago


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My mother and I enjoyed the Russian cooking experience with Olga in December 2014. She is welcoming, accommodating and SO much fun. I enjoyed learning about Russian food and culture from a native, and even my 60-year-old mother felt at home with Olga. It felt like having dinner with an old friend. I would recommend her tours to anyone in Moscow!

6 months ago


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Riding the Soviet T-55 tank followed by shooting the legendary Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle...need I say more? From picking me up at the railway station on my first day, taking me to my hotel, showing me how to buy tickets at the Kremlin, among other activities I proposed, and, of course, organizing the tank ride and the AK-47 shooting, Andrey exceeded all of my expectations. I was able to see everything I wanted to see and experience everything I wanted to experience. In addition, as I was also going to St. Petersburg and didn't know anyone there, Andrey hooked me up with a friend who provided airport pick up among other things.

All in all, this trip was one of the best trips I've made in my life. If you're going to Moscow and looking for a custom-tailored tour or something off the beaten paths, you can count on Andrey to make that happen!

Spasibo Andrey!

7 months ago

Daniel M.

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This tour was really amazing! A friend and I decided to try this trip with Maxim, he was a genius. He knew a lot of places and he made everything possible. He told us the history of each place and we could learn a lot thanks to him.

It was our first day in Moscow, and we were tired because of the trip, but we enough strenght it would be an endless night full of adventure, amazing places and lots of histories to discover.

Thanks a lot Maxim, this great adventure was possible only because of you.

8 months ago


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Wow. My husband and I did not know what to expect when we signed up for this tour, but Maxim exceeded any and all expectations. He was well prepared and made sure that we felt safe and comfortable at all times. We explored three locations and Maxim was willing to continue the tour into the late evening! Unfortunately, we had to wake up early the next day and could not explore more. Maxim was kind enough to drop us off near our hotel because the subways were closed, and he even made a detour to show us one of the Seven Sisters skyscrapers along the way back into the city. This was our first time visiting Moscow, and the abandoned places tour was one of the best highlights of our trip. It was an adventure that we will never forget. Thank you Maxim!

10 months ago

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