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Blini Reizen is a Dutch touroperator who offers trips to the former Soviet-Union. We always advise our clients to book excursions with a local guide: to view the country and it's people with different eyes and to get information they otherwise wouldn't get to know (easy). Two of our travellers (2 sisters, who had a special reason to visit Moscow), found Olga’s tours at this website and decided to book 4 of them through our agency. They were happy with both the tours and the guide, I quote: "the first two days we had Olga as a guide. Punctually she picked us up at our hotel. A funny, friendly and flexible girl with humor, who speaks English very well and knows a lot to tell about history, art and tourist locations. She also told us a number of anecdotes. She showed us very nice places and restaurants that we would never have found without her ".
Af for Blini Reizen: we found Olga very pleasant to work with: she is accurate, flexible, cooperative, interested and always tried to find the best solutions for the clients. We would surely recommend this tour!

See also the review left by the 2 sisters (PV).

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My sister and me visited Moscow for a few days and decided to book this tour with Sputnik. We were not really sure what to expect, but it turned out to be fantastic!
Olga is a very good, dedicated and enthusiastic guide with a lot of knowledge of Moscow. Olga tells much more than just the regular stories. Also her english is excellent!

Besides this tour, we also booked the "modern art" - and Kremlin tour. Again, guided by Olga!

We had a great time!

About activity Moscow metro and 7 sisters, Stalin's skyscrapers over 2 years ago

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